Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman's Butler

  • : 2019
  • : 30
  • : 509
  • EPIX
  • 3
  • Action Crime Drama



Well To Do
Episode overview
06, 2022
1972. Hired to rescue a young woman believed to be under the spell of a dangerous hippie cult, Pennyworth seeks help from a preoccupied Bet, while Thomas and Martha field a surprise visit from Patrick.
Many Clouds
Episode overview
06, 2022
While grappling with the true nature of Martha’s work, Thomas agrees to help his father – and seeks Alfie’s assistance. Meanwhile, after being questioned by Aziz, Pennyworth escalates his search for answers at the ashram.
Comply Or Die
Episode overview
06, 2022
While Pennyworth deals with an old friend, Daveboy grapples with his conscience in a very public way. As tensions run high in the Wayne household, Thomas plots with Patrick, and Martha receives a proposition… and warning.
Silver Birch
Episode overview
13, 2022
After Thomas is thrown behind bars, Patrick offers Alfie and a hesitant Daveboy a hefty sum to break his son out of jail.
Rhyme 'n' Reason
Episode overview
20, 2022
As Martha and Thomas attempt to heal and rebuild, an unexpected visit from Patricia threatens to derail their progress. Meanwhile, Alfie is hired to keep an eye on Zahra Khin, the leader of a separatist group.
Episode overview
27, 2022
While Alfie forces his way into Khin’s rescue mission, Bet squares off against John Salt, and Thomas finds himself back in Gotham.
Don't Push It
Episode overview
03, 2022
To set things right, Alfie and Daveboy search for a dangerous secret prison in the Hebrides, which generates its power by triggering its inhabitants’ most traumatic memories.
Red Marauder
Episode overview
10, 2022
After a power station attack, Alfie, Daveboy, and Martha attempt to help Gully Troy restore public opinion of PWEs. Meanwhile, Dr. Glubb tries to stop Foulkes’ reckless use of Lullaby.
Rag Trade
Episode overview
17, 2022
Thomas’ hesitant return home is further complicated by Samantha’s kidnapping. Sally involves Daveboy in the aftermath of Foulkes’ dinner party. An increasingly concerned Lucius seeks to free the PWEs.
Highland Wedding
Episode overview
24, 2022
As the city further descends into a Lullaby-induced chaos, Alfie and Martha break into L7 to save Lucius – and the rest of the world.