• : 1997
  • : 58
  • : 1287
  • HBO
  • Daily 9
  • Crime Drama Thriller



Dead Man Talking
Episode overview
05, 2003
At the bi-annual review of solitary prisoners, the board decides to release Alvarez and Schillinger back into gen pop. Rebadow, still mourning the loss of his grandson, gets transferred .. show full overview
See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Smell No Evil
Episode overview
12, 2003
The unexpected arrival of Mayor Wilson Loewen at Oz spurs an ironic turn involving Schillinger and Beecher. Meanwhile, Dr. Nathan discovers why solitary inmates are getting sick; a new .. show full overview
Sonata de Oz
Episode overview
19, 2003
Schillinger has a disappointing visit with his "hero", Mayor Loewen. Glynn has to face up to the truth when Oz loses its first prisoner to toxic poisoning. Down in solitary, Officer .. show full overview
A Failure to Communicate
Episode overview
26, 2003
Glynn receives some good and bad news on the toxic-poisoning case. Meanwhile, Rebadow's relationship with Stella hits a snag; Keller and Beecher work out a mutually beneficial .. show full overview
4 Giveness
Episode overview
02, 2003
Everyone has a different opinion of new inmate Idzik; Alvarez receives shocking news; Redding's attempts at reform continue; Murphy makes a confession to Glynn; Morales'(David Zayas) .. show full overview
A Day in the Death...
Episode overview
09, 2003
Idzik faces his enemies; the intrigues behind the Loewen case get more complicated; changes are made in the hospital; the Muslims run into business trouble; Rebadow and Stella get closer; and the inmates rally to support the O'Reilys.
Junkyard Dawgs
Episode overview
16, 2003
Three new inmates arrive, one of whom is close to the O'Reilys; Busmalis and Rebadow prove to be "true Romeos"; the Keller-Beecher-Schillinger triangle gets more pointed; and an awards banquet ends in a fateful discovery.
Exeunt Omnes
Episode overview
23, 2003
Oz is in upheaval following the return of Martin Querns; Howell and Robson receive troubling medical news; Brass makes his last shot Hoyt is reunited with his birth mother; Fr. Mukada .. show full overview
Exeunt Omnes – Part 2
Episode overview
23, 2003
After the return of Martin Querns, Oz prison is in the midst of agitation. Howell and Robson receive worrying medical news. Brass seizes his last chance. Hoyt meets with his biological .. show full overview
Exeunt Omnes Part 2
Episode overview
23, 2003
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