Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World

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  • : 2020
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The Encounter of the Two Nations' Ultimate Weapons
Episode overview
07, 2020
Two nations, the Empire and the Nebulis Sovereignty, have been at war for 100 years. Imprisoned for freeing a witch, Iska is given a chance at freedom. In exchange, he must take down a powerful astral mage known as the "Ice Calamity Witch."
Encounter: The Enemy You and I Met Was...
Episode overview
14, 2020
After their brief but fateful encounter, Iska and Alice made an impression on each other, resulting in some sleepless nights. Despite being on the opposing sides of the war, they soon learn that they have much more in common than they thought.
Encounter: Successor of the Black Steel and the Ice Calamity Witch
Episode overview
21, 2020
Iska is given a new mission to apprehend the Ice Calamity Witch. By accomplishing the mission, Iska will be a step closer to realizing his dream for a peace treaty. When Iska and Alice meet again, they weren't prepared for what was coming for them.
Intersection: Battle for the Vortex
Episode overview
28, 2020
100 years ago, a drift of astral energy created a vortex which cursed, or gifted, people with astral power. Now another vortex has formed, triggering a race between the Empire and the Nebulis Sovereignty to acquire it.
Intersection: Awakening of the Vortex
Episode overview
04, 2020
The members of Unit N07 successfully locate the vortex, but the Sovereignty had already found it. After Mismis is captured, Iska must fight against Kissing, a purebred, to get her back before the Empire attacks the Sovereignty base.
Paradise: Rin's Big Miscalculation
Episode overview
11, 2020
Iska and Mismis survive the eruption of the vortex, but the team doesn't escape unscathed. Meanwhile, Alice decides to go search for Iska in Ein again. They are reunited by fate, but everything is jeopardized when Rin makes a big miscalculation.
Paradise: Alice's Longest Night
Episode overview
18, 2020
Alice is forced to kidnap Iska. Afraid of what will happen to him if word gets out, Alice orders Rin to take them to the Prison Sector to decide their next move. Meanwhile, the members of Unit N07 infiltrate the Sovereignty to get Iska back.
Paradise: The Transcendent Demon
Episode overview
25, 2020
With Risya's help, the Transcendent Demon, Salinger, has escaped from his 30-year imprisonment inside Ollelugan Prison Tower. His unique astral spirit makes him incredibly dangerous to .. show full overview
Paradise: Iska
Episode overview
02, 2020
Iska arrives just in time and battles Salinger, who not only wields multiple astral spirits, but can also combine two contradicting elements together to make his astral art even stronger. Can Iska measure up to him and defeat him?
Beginning: The Girl Wishes Upon a Star
Episode overview
09, 2020
Unit N07 gets a lucky break; they're given a forced leave of absence for 60 days. They decide to visit a tropical resort to camouflage their attempt to figure out a game plan for Mismis' .. show full overview
Beginning: The Witch Hunt
Episode overview
16, 2020
After their fateful encounter, Sisbell visits Iska at the hotel and asks for his help, ironically offering a similar deal as her sister Alice once did. However, before they can discuss .. show full overview
Beginning: The Two of Them Trigger the Rise of a New World
Episode overview
23, 2020
The Empire's experimental weapon, Object, goes after Sisbell. It also detects Mismis' astral energy. Iska and his team must fight Object to save Sisbell and to stop it from uncovering .. show full overview