Oliver Twist (1999)

  • : 1999
  • : 4
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  • ITV1
  • 21
  • Drama Mini-series



Wherein It is Shown How Oliver Twist Came to be Born in Such Sad Circumstances
Episode overview
28, 1999
Agnes Fleming is pregnant by Edwin Leeford and is keen to marry him but unbeknownst to her he is already married and his wife lives abroad with their sick son Monks. Leeford is ecstatic .. show full overview
Containing Fresh Discoveries, and Showing That Surprises, Like Misfortunes, Seldom Come Alone
Episode overview
05, 1999
Nine years have passed and Oliver is sent to the Workhouse. Having dared ask for more food, he is sold to the service of an undertakers. Monks, his half brother who is tracking him down, .. show full overview
Wherein Oliver is Educated by His Friend Fagin and Delivered Over to Mr. William Sikes
Episode overview
12, 1999
Fagin and Sikes send Nancy to get Oliver back from Mr Brownlow and the young boy is kidnapped and his new belongings are taken from him, with Oliver worrying what Mr Brownlow will think .. show full overview
In Which All is Revealed......
Episode overview
19, 1999
Oliver and Rose recognise Monks and Fagin following their discovery. Nancy tries to help Oliver by talking to Mr. Brownlow about recent events but stays loyal to Sikes and Fagin although .. show full overview