• 8.0
  • : 2016
  • : 18
  • : 215



Thin Up Top
Episode overview
21, 2020
Sensitive about his hair loss, Varg reacts badly to a slight. In Norheim, Olav tries to make a man out of his brother Orm by betrothing him to Frøya.
Bachelor Party
Episode overview
21, 2020
Frøya strikes a bargain, leaving Orm to find a best man. Hildur is alarmed when Kark makes a lost family connection. Liv moves up in the Viking world.
Wedding and Sacrifice
Episode overview
28, 2020
The wedding day of Orm and Frøya arrives, but the inexperienced groom needs some premarital education. Varg discovers that an old enemy is still alive.
War Table
Episode overview
06, 2020
Technical problems undermine Varg's war council strategy session. Liv plans to run off to Iceland with her ex, but a gift of jewelry changes her mind.
Do You Believe in Dragons?
Episode overview
06, 2020
The final showdown between the armies of Varg and Bjørn has a few hiccups thanks to a dragon that can't tell time and Orm's poor sense of direction.
Scrotum Whipping
Episode overview
13, 2020
Orm is tricked into freeing Bjørn and pays a humiliating price — but he stays alive by trading information about a map of a land to the west.