New Tricks

  • : 2004
  • : 106
  • : 142
  • BBC One
  • 21
  • Comedy Crime Drama Mystery Thriller



Last Man Standing (1)
Episode overview
04, 2015
As the detective drama returns, Gerry is spooked by the discovery of UCOS's latest victim - a cop, whose body has lain untouched under a basement for 30 years. As accusations of police .. show full overview
Last Man Standing (2)
Episode overview
11, 2015
Danny takes Gerry on the run as they search for the proof they need to prove his innocence - despite Gerry remaining tight-lipped about his involvement with dodgy dealings in his old .. show full overview
The Curate's Egg
Episode overview
18, 2015
Danny and Steve 'welcome' new boss Ted Case into the UCOS office in Sasha's absence, but for all his wealth of experience, keen eye for detail and a killer instinct for detecting liars, they aren't quite as sold on his superstitious quirks.
The Wolf of Wallbrook
Episode overview
25, 2015
Ted leads an investigation into the apparent suicide of a city trader embroiled in the cut-throat world of London's financial district back in the '80s. With Ted capitalizing on his .. show full overview
Prodigal Sons
Episode overview
01, 2015
With Sasha back on fighting form, UCOS investigate the death of a talented cricket prodigy: star of the pitch and apple of his father's eye - yet loathed by his teammates. The death was .. show full overview
The Fame Game
Episode overview
08, 2015
While Sasha is occupied with an intensive training course, the boys' investigations take them to a lookalike agency where the top two acts were found dead in an apparent double suicide .. show full overview
The Russian Cousin
Episode overview
15, 2015
UCOS investigate the murder of a private investigator, stabbed through the heart in a suspected robbery gone wrong. The answers may well lie within the victim's last three cases but .. show full overview
Lottery Curse
Episode overview
22, 2015
A skeleton uncovered in the foundations of a swimming pool is identified as Cheryl - a young, pretty lottery winner reported missing 17 years ago. UCOS' prime suspects are her quiz .. show full overview
Life Expectancy
Episode overview
29, 2015
A blood-stained bust is uncovered during some reconstruction work in a cemetery, pointing UCOS to the murder of an alternative medicine practitioner bludgeoned to death seven years ago. .. show full overview
The Crazy Gang
Episode overview
06, 2015
In the ultimate series finale, UCOS are threatened with closure following their perceived mishandling of the Henway case. Their final case begins with the bloody murder of a political .. show full overview