Nailed It!

  • 10.0
  • : 2018
  • : 19
  • : 111



The Marvel Episode!
17, 2019
The bakers summon their not-so-super powers to make Marvel-themed cupcakes with detailed cookie toppers and a daunting "Black Panther" cake.
17, 2019
What's scarier than a cook who can't read a recipe? A trio of creepy-crawly bug cookies and a terrifying clown cake that tastes like cotton candy.
Masterpiece or Disasterpiece?
17, 2019
The amateur bakers attempt to imitate the masters with gingerbread self-portraits and a sculpted cake replica of Michelangelo's "David."
Prehistoric Bakes
17, 2019
The contestants turn back time -- and mangle time management -- with inside-out Neanderthal cupcakes and a tropical-flavored T. rex cake.
Oui Can't Bake!
17, 2019
The pressure's on to make perfectly puffed éclairs and a layered bust of Napoleon Bonaparte for not one but two esteemed French chefs.
Ready to Wear, Ready to Eat
17, 2019
Two high-fashion challenges put the bakers' hopeless skills to the test: fondant-covered doll cakes and an edible headdress heaped with fruit.