Murder in the Bayou

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  • : 2019
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Chapter One: A Body in a Canal
Episode overview
13, 2019
Between 2005 and 2007, the bodies of four young women are discovered in and around the town of Jennings, Louisiana, deep in the heart of Cajun country. All four women were poor drug users and engaged in the local sex trade.
Chapter Two: Death on Me
Episode overview
20, 2019
Four more victims are discovered in Jennings over the next year, and yet police seem unable to produce a suspect. The case gains national attention, and investigative journalist Ethan Brown becomes intrigued. Something isn't adding up.
Chapter Three: An Unholy Union
Episode overview
27, 2019
The more time reporter Ethan Brown spends in Jennings, the clearer it becomes that it's not the work of a serial killer at all. Members of the law enforcement community have ties to the case, victims, and initial suspect, Frankie Richard.
Chapter Four: A Precarious Place
Episode overview
04, 2019
Investigative reporter Ethan Brown discovers that several of the murder victims were known to be police informants as well as drug users, which put them in a precarious place.
Episode #1.5
Episode overview
11, 2019
This episode has no summary.
Chapter Five: God Don't Sleep
Episode overview
11, 2019
Over a decade has passed since the murders and families of the victims still want answers. Ethan Brown's search leads him to a shuttered motel called Boudreaux Inn, a site of sex and drug trade activity at the time of the murders. Finale.