Milo Murphy's Law

  • 10.0
  • : 2016
  • : 73
  • : 41



The Phineas and Ferb Effect
05, 2019
Milo and his friends meet up with Phineas, Ferb, and their Danville friends to try to stop Derek and his Pistachions from taking over the world.
Snow Way Out
12, 2019
Milo and Zack encounter dangerous, snow-related obstacles on their way to school.
Teacher Feature
12, 2019
Scott the Undergrounder gets a date with Milo’s science teacher, Miss Murawski.
Picture Day
19, 2019
It’s Picture Day at school and Milo can’t seem to get a single good portrait.
Agee Ientee Diogee
19, 2019
Diogee is mistaken for a secret agent.
Game Night
26, 2019
Milo, Melissa, and Zack try to finish playing a board game for the first time in Milo’s life.
Pace Makes Waste
26, 2019
When there’s a big charity stock car race in town, Murphy’s Law wreaks havoc.
Cake 'Splosion!
02, 2019
Amanda and Milo are chosen to compete on a kids’ extreme baking TV show. Will Murphy’s Law ruin Amanda’s lifelong dream of winning the competition?
Lady Krillers
02, 2019
Milo convinces Tobias Trollhammer to dress up as a woman in his newest Krillhunter movie.
Doof's Day Out
09, 2019
Sarah gets annoyed by Doofenshmirtz spending all his time at the Murphy house and wants him to get out and do more.
Disco Do-Over
09, 2019
Milo’s parents have one last chance to fulfill their dream of becoming Disco Dance Champions on roller skates before the skating rink closes down.
The Ticking Clock
16, 2019
Milo and his friends try to save the old clock at City Hall that Melissa’s great-grandmother designed.
Managing Murphy's Law
16, 2019
Amanda decides to become the manager of Milo’s band, and helps the foursome prepare for a concert in the park.
Milo's Shadow
23, 2019
Doofenshmirtz wants to learn how to be good and shadows Milo for an entire day.
Sick Day
23, 2019
Aliens try to get the DNA of a sick Milo while Diogee works hard to prevent it.
Field of Screams
02, 2019
Milo and the gang volunteer to help Zack with farm chores to prove he’s not a city boy.
Spy Little Sister!
02, 2019
Melissa enters a mentoring program with weather agent Savannah.
Dog Walker, Runner, Screamer
09, 2019
Elliot is injured and hospitalized, so Milo substitutes for his side job as dog walker.
Now I Am a Murphy
09, 2019
Milo takes a trip to the woods with his dad and grandfather in order to become a true Murphy.
16, 2019
Milo, Zach, and Melissa try indoor skydiving.
Milo's World
16, 2019
Milo’s friends discuss their theories about what is really happening in Milo’s World.
Abducting Murphy's Law
23, 2019
Aliens from Octalia abduct Milo and are beset with problems. Melissa, Zack, and Doofenshmirtz notice Milo is missing and try to find him.
The Goulash Legacy
30, 2019
Milo and the gang try to save his Mom’s last goulash from getting ruined by Murphy’s Law.
The Dog Who Knew Too Much
30, 2019
Diogee becomes involved in intrigue when he eats a jump drive.
Adventure Buddies
06, 2019
Doofenshmirtz becomes adventure buddies with Scott the Undergrounder.
Ride Along Little Doggie
06, 2019
While Milo tries to get inside the school to receive an award at an awards show his school is hosting, Diogee teams up with the police to catch Zippy, the world’s fastest koala.
Look at This Ship
13, 2019
Cavendish finds a crashed UFO.
Cast Party
13, 2019
All the guests at Zack’s surprise party are wearing casts, but their freak accidents apparently have nothing to do with Murphy’s Law.
Safety First
20, 2019
Milo and Elliot accidentally get handcuffed together.
Cavendish Unleashed
20, 2019
Cavendish mistakenly unleashes a giant alien.
First Impressions
27, 2019
Six-year-olds Milo and Melissa meet for the first time and Murphy’s Law makes their first day of kindergarten a big adventure.
The Speech and Debate League of Death and Destruction Cross Town Explosion Event
27, 2019
Zack and Milo join Melissa’s new athletically minded wrestling, speech, and debate team.
The Mid-Afternoon Snack Club
04, 2019
Milo, Melissa, Zack, Mort, Amanda, and Bradley are stuck in detention for the afternoon.
Parks and Wreck
04, 2019
Milo and the gang volunteer at the local park.
11, 2019
Doof and Dakota attempt to use a bizarre Cavendish-platypus hybrid to lead them to Dakota’s missing partner and friend.
Milo in Space
11, 2019
Milo is abducted by aliens.
Sphere and Loathing in Outer Space
18, 2019
Milo faces down a cosmic storm made of Murphy’s Law while his friends work their way through the alien populace to save him.