Master of the game

  • : 1984
  • : 4
  • : 1
  • CBS
  • Drama Mini-series



Part 1: Jamie McGregor
Episode overview
19, 1984
Jamie McGregor is a ruthless diamond explorer in South Africa who finds his first diamond on the deadly Skeleton coast. This begins his arduous struggle for wealth and success in the shadow of a Africa burning with civil war and revenge.
Part 2: Kate and David
Episode overview
20, 1984
Kate grows up beautiful, strong-willed and manipulative. Having fallen in love with David Blackwell, who is 22 years older to her, as a teenager she is determined to marry him.
Part 3: Tony
Episode overview
21, 1984
Kate pours her life into Kruger-Brent with passion, making it a global conglomerate. She expects Tony to take over Kruger-Brent, but Tony is more interested in becoming an artist.
Part 4: Eve and Alexandra
Episode overview
26, 1984
Kate takes in her two identical looking granddaughters, whom she names Eve and Alexandra. Eve, ruthless and cunning, sees Alexandra as an interloper and makes repeated attempts to kill her.