Maddigan's Quest

  • : 2006
  • : 13
  • : 0
  • CBBC
  • Adventure Children Fantasy



Road Rats
Episode overview
26, 2006
Embarking on their annual run, the Fantasia are attacked by road rats: their food is stolen and Ferdy is shot. Yves states that they must return to Solis for food and medical attention .. show full overview
Episode overview
30, 2006
Travelling onward to Newton, the Fantasia are stopped by a roadblock set up by Ida and her gang of Hillfolk. Threatening to crush the Fantasia vehicles if they do not comply, Ida demands .. show full overview
Episode overview
31, 2006
Running low on fuel, the Fantasia stop of at Gramth, a grim industrial city. Told that there is little fuel due to rebel activity, and thus prices are high, Garland, Timon and Eden start .. show full overview
Episode overview
01, 2006
Whilst stopping off at the simple village of Swampton, Eden and Goneril are accused of witchcraft by the witch-finder, an evil woman who claims to actually be protecting the villagers .. show full overview
Episode overview
02, 2006
Fed up with constantly eating turnips, the Fantasia decide to stop off at Greentown, where the food is said to be divine. However, on arrival the Fantasia, with the exception of Boomer, .. show full overview
Episode overview
06, 2006
After passing a small settlement, Tane and Jewel fall ill with a deadly plague, soon followed by Goneril and Eden. Maddie and Yves suggest that in order to complete their mission, the .. show full overview
Episode overview
07, 2006
Finally arriving at Newton, the Fantasia find an impostor claiming to be from Solis and trying to obtain the solar converter. They are also pelted with tomatoes, by the children of .. show full overview
Episode overview
08, 2006
On the journey back to Solis, the Fantasia are diverted from their route because of landmines. They must now travel through Urukopaina – radioactive tunnels of the dead. Guided by the .. show full overview
Off the Map
Episode overview
09, 2006
Now travelling on areas off their map, Yves wins a map of the area including Solis from some friendly travellers. They follow it, but find it to be incorrect, leading them to the sea. .. show full overview
Episode overview
13, 2006
Whilst resting, the Fantasia are attacked by flying Birdboys. Their food is stolen, but more importantly the solar converter goes missing. The Birdboys’ camp is searched, but the .. show full overview
Pilgrim's Vantage
Episode overview
14, 2006
The Fantasia reach Pilgrim’s Vantage – a point which overlooks Solis – six weeks before the solstice. They party and celebrate, but Garland sees how Maddie and Yves have become closer, .. show full overview
Episode overview
15, 2006
With just two days left to reach Solis, the Fantasia must cross the lake, which contains a serpent-like monster, the Taniwha. Obtaining cooperation from the Laketowners, who agree to be .. show full overview
Episode overview
16, 2006
With only one day left to reach Solis, chances of success for Solis seem non-existent. The Fantasia have no trucks, and thus no way of making it in time. Bannister, however, returns to .. show full overview