Love Fraud

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  • : 2020
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You Just Gotta Trust Me
Episode overview
30, 2020
Online dating had been a disappointment to Tracy, but the day she met Mickey it all felt different. Their courtship is a dizzying ride that ends with a beautiful engagement ring. But .. show full overview
Episode overview
06, 2020
Carla the bounty hunter is in search of con man Richard Scott Smith. Using tips from a blog created by his victims, Carla stumbles on a lead. Could Smith really be posing as a .. show full overview
I'm Glad You Called
Episode overview
13, 2020
The pursuit for Richard Scott Smith continues. Has he really fled to Belize? Is he conning a new woman while the search is on? The “revenge squad” in Kansas City receives a disturbing .. show full overview
How Did You Guys See This Thing Ending?
Episode overview
20, 2020
How many others are there? Richard Scott Smith’s secrets seem endless. His past is continuing to unravel and may finally be catching up with him. With the help of Carla the bounty hunter .. show full overview