Losing Alice

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  • : 2020
  • : 8
  • : 30



The Encounter
Episode overview
18, 2020
On a fateful train ride that will change their lives, fading film director Alice meets Sophie, a driven, young screenwriter.
The Visit
Episode overview
25, 2020
Things get complicated when Sophie asks Alice to direct her script—after its original director disappears—with David set to star.
The Bond
Episode overview
02, 2020
Alice begins work on Sophie’s film, struggling to be heard by the all-male crew and clashing with Sophie over their artistic visions.
The Obsession
Episode overview
09, 2020
After auditioning actresses for the lead role, Alice believes she’s found the perfect candidate—until Sophie makes a surprising move.
The Paranoia
Episode overview
16, 2020
The chemistry between David and Sophie leads to problems at home. New revelations cause Alice to dig deeper into Sophie’s life.
The Bad Reader
Episode overview
23, 2020
Before filming begins, Alice can't shake her suspicion that Sophie's script is based on actual events she’s trying to hide.
Episode 7
Episode overview
30, 2020
This episode has no summary.
The End
Episode overview
06, 2020
This episode has no summary.