Living with Yourself

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  • : 2019
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The Best You Can Be
18, 2019
Fearing his career and relationship are both going down the tubes, Miles heeds the advice of a newly successful co-worker and visits a mysterious spa.
Made in a Strip Mall
18, 2019
Reinvigorated and loving life, new Miles takes charge at work while reconnecting with Kate. But when original Miles comes calling, things get messy.
Green Tea
18, 2019
When both versions of Miles agree to divide and conquer their collective life, the original has a hard time sharing responsibilities.
Soul Mate
18, 2019
Now aware of her husband's other self, an understandably upset Kate lays down a few rules. New Miles gets some advice from his sister.
Va Bene
18, 2019
Before the cloning occurs, Kate's past ambitions and frustrations come into focus as her relationship with Miles begins to deteriorate.
Neighbors and Friends
18, 2019
After finally visiting the fertility center, original Miles sneaks into the town hall as a bystander to witness the vote on the telecom contracts.
Piña Colada
18, 2019
Kate spends the night with new Miles, but their encounter is far more awkward than either expects. Dan makes a disturbing discovery.
Nice Knowing You
18, 2019
Original Miles tries to talk his way out of a sticky situation. New Miles gives himself a makeover and contemplates a dark end.