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  • : 2020
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Episode 1
12, 2020
September 2015. The SÄPO (Swedish Secret Service) agent Fatima's career has derailed after a serious mistake. One day she gets a very worrying call. Pervin, a young Swedish woman who .. show full overview
Episode 2
12, 2020
Fatima will help Pervin home from Syria but needs something in return; She asks Pervin to spy on her husband. One of the Swedish jihadists known as 'The Traveller' has already returned .. show full overview
Episode 3
12, 2020
Fatima tries to convince her manager at SÄPO's (The Swedish Security Service) Middle East department about the seriousness of the information she has been given by Pervin, but is met by .. show full overview
Episode 4
19, 2020
Fatima continues her investigation despite her managers' orders to stop. She believes in Pervin's information about a pending terrorist attack in Sweden. Investigating a lead, she is .. show full overview
Episode 5
19, 2020
Dolores calls Fatima with some very worrying information. Fatima is afraid of being eavesdropped, so she tells Dolores to meet her at her house. Husam finds Pervin's cellphone hidden in .. show full overview
Episode 6
26, 2020
Fatima tails Nadir to see if he can confirm her suspicions. Fatima has arranged for Pervin's escape from Syria. But when Pervin is on her way to the meeting point, the security police .. show full overview
Episode 7
02, 2020
Fatima is still on the run and she knows that Nadir is on his way. Calle and Suleiman managed to stop Sulle and Kerima at the border, but Lisha remained in the car and is on her way to .. show full overview
Episode 8
09, 2020
This episode has no summary.