Judge John Deed

  • : 2001
  • : 29
  • : 9
  • BBC One
  • Crime Drama Mystery



War Crimes (1)
Episode overview
09, 2007
Deed's involvement in the case of a far-right British National Party councilor brings him to the notice of terrorists who decide to send a woman to kill him. When the assassin meets .. show full overview
War Crimes (2)
Episode overview
11, 2007
Continuing the story of a war crimes trial in The Hague. Deed finds the defendant is a victim of the British government's attempts to develop an exit strategy out of the continuing .. show full overview
Evidence of Harm (1)
Episode overview
16, 2007
Deed risks a constitutional crisis in pursuit of justice for a soldier?s family. Jo Mills asks him to review the withdrawal of Legal Aid funding in the case of the soldier, who committed .. show full overview
Evidence of Harm (2)
Episode overview
18, 2007
Deed delves deeper into why funding for the soldier to sue the pharmaceutical company was withdrawn and makes ever more sinister discoveries. Then the forces of reaction move to stop him.