Marvel's Jessica Jones

  • 8.2
  • : 2015
  • : 39
  • : 7934
  • #93
  • Netflix
  • 3



AKA The Perfect Burger
14, 2019
As Jessica focuses on helping the helpless, Dorothy Walker shows up at Alias to beg for help finding a missing Trish.
AKA You're Welcome
14, 2019
Tensions run high between Jessica and Trish as Trish hones her new catlike skills and scours the city for a chance to be a hero.
AKA I Have No Spleen
14, 2019
Itching to get back out on the streets and find her attacker, Jessica defies her doctor's advice. Jeri reconnects with her college flame Kith.
AKA Customer Service Is Standing By
14, 2019
Jessica learns there's more to Erik then meets the eye as they track down three potential attackers. Malcolm digs up dirt on Kith's husband.
AKA I Wish
14, 2019
Teaming up with Trish to stake out Sallinger, Jessica makes a startling discovery. Jeri's plot to expose Peter yields unexpected consequences.
AKA Sorry Face
14, 2019
As the police sift through the gruesome crime scene, Jessica and Trish race to find Sallinger's latest captive.
AKA The Double Half-Wappinger
14, 2019
Jessica and Trish go on a road trip to dig into Sallinger's past and unearth a horrifying discovery.
AKA Camera Friendly
14, 2019
When Sallinger posts a video teasing his next crime, Jessica responds with her own media play. Jeri demands that Malcolm identify the masked woman.
AKA I Did Something Today
14, 2019
After a shocking blow, Jessica's forced to choose between protecting Trish and destroying Sallinger. Jeri seizes a chance to get back in Kith's life.
AKA Hero Pants
14, 2019
Jessica wrestles with her emotions as she tries to untangle herself from a murder investigation.
AKA Hellcat
14, 2019
Trish revisits her troubled childhood with Dorothy while plotting to stop Sallinger and stamp out evil across the city.
AKA Lotta Worms
14, 2019
As Trish makes a move on Sallinger, Jessica intervenes -- and ends up caught in a harrowing dance with the killer.
AKA Everything
14, 2019
An old friends visit Jessica as she sets out on an agonizing mission and learns the true cost of being a hero.