Into the Dark

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  • : 2018
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Uncanny Annie
Episode overview
04, 2019
On Halloween night a group of college students get trapped in a mysterious board game that brings their darkest secrets and fears to life, where they must play to escape…and win to survive. (Holiday Theme: Halloween)
Episode overview
01, 2019
Pilgrim is inspired by true events and follows Ms Anna Barker, who invites Pilgrim re-enactors to her family's Thanksgiving in an effort to remind them of their privilege and help them .. show full overview
A Nasty Piece of Work
Episode overview
06, 2019
A mid-level employee at a large company finds out he's not getting the Christmas bonus or promotion he was expecting. But then his boss invites him over for dinner with a proposal for .. show full overview
Midnight Kiss
Episode overview
27, 2019
A group of gay best friends and their gal pal head to a desert home to celebrate New Year’s Eve. But when a sadistic killer wants in on the party, relationships are tested and secrets .. show full overview
My Valentine
Episode overview
07, 2020
A pop singer’s songs and artistic identity have been stolen by her ex-boyfriend/manager – and shamelessly pasted onto his new girlfriend/protégé. Locked together in a small concert venue .. show full overview
Episode overview
06, 2020
On St. Patrick's Day - a night of wild parties and drunken revelry - and follows three unlikely friends who band together to save a college town from a vicious horde of body-switching aliens. (Holiday Theme: St Patrick's Day)
Pooka Lives
Episode overview
03, 2020
It follows a group of thirty-something friends from high school who create their own creepypasta about Pooka for laughs, but are shocked when it becomes so viral on the internet that it manifests more murderous versions of the creature.
Episode overview
08, 2020
A pregnant woman’s life gets upended by an unexpected threat aimed at taking her unborn baby. (Holiday Theme: Mother's Day)
Good Boy
Episode overview
12, 2020
Maggie, a woman who gets an emotional support dog to help quell some of her anxiety. Only, she finds him to be even more effective than she could have imagined because, unbeknownst to .. show full overview
The Current Occupant
Episode overview
17, 2020
Trapped in a mysterious psychiatric ward, a man with no memory comes to believe that he’s the President of the United States and the subject of a diabolical political conspiracy. As the .. show full overview
Episode overview
12, 2021
Couple Tara and Sam fall head over heels into a new romance and entwine their lives — until their intimacy transforms into something terrifying.