Hope & Faith

  • : 2003
  • : 73
  • : 57
  • ABC (US)
  • 21
  • Comedy Family



The Marriage (1)
Episode overview
30, 2005
After years of being on the single merry-go-round and searching for her soul mate, Faith receives proposals from not one, but two ardent boyfriends - Gary "The Gooch" Gucharez", the sexy .. show full overview
The Marriage (2)
Episode overview
30, 2005
After years of being on the single merry-go-round and searching for her soul mate, Faith receives proposals from not one, but two ardent boyfriends - Gary "The Gooch" Gucharez", the sexy .. show full overview
Faith Fairfield: 1980-2005
Episode overview
07, 2005
When Faith advises Sydney to use a death-in-the-family excuse to get an extension on her term paper, Sydney concocts an extraordinary story that Faith met a tragic end. The media circus .. show full overview
The Phone Call
Episode overview
14, 2005
Faith confesses that she’s tired of Hope nagging her about every aspect of her life – from parking tickets to her love life -- so a frustrated Hope vows to abstain from cleaning up .. show full overview
Love & Teeth
Episode overview
21, 2005
When Faith crack a tooth she makes Charley treat her, despite the fact that they despise each other. or do they? The nitrous oxide he gives Faith makes her "a little baby," and what she says while she's under is very surprising indeed.
The Halloween Party
Episode overview
28, 2005
There's a neighborhood Halloween party contest between Hope and her neighbor Trudy but what can Faith do when she is invited to Trudy's party as the date for Trudy's rather attractive cousin?
Charley's Shirt
Episode overview
04, 2005
Faith is forced to pick up Hope's birthday gift for Charley after Hope is unable to make it. But Faith is too late and instead gets Charley an uncharacteristic shirt. Charley loves it .. show full overview
Faith's Therapy
Episode overview
11, 2005
When Faith refuses to take her job search seriously, Hope and Charley suggest that she see a therapist - portrayed by Susan Sullivan - Who can help her straighten out her life. Faith .. show full overview
Blood is Thicker Than Daughter
Episode overview
18, 2005
Hope and Faith are surprised to spot their dad, Jack, in town earlier than expected for Thanksgiving. His suspicious behavior with his companion, a young man named Jay leads the sisters .. show full overview
Hope in the Middle
Episode overview
25, 2005
When Dr. Lombard suggests that Faith channel her energy into a creative outlet, she signs up for a poetry slam on the same night that Charley is set to receive an award from “The .. show full overview
Christmas Time
Episode overview
13, 2005
Faith surprises the entire family with personal, extravagant Christmas gifts, including an expensive gold watch for Charley. When Charley realizes he forgot to buy a gift for his beloved .. show full overview
Sex, Lies and Faith
Episode overview
06, 2006
Hope is stung when Charley laments that their love life has been non-existent for weeks. When she confides in her sister, Faith tells Hope that it’s unrealistic to think married couples .. show full overview
Now and Zen
Episode overview
21, 2006
Faith is surprised to spot her ex-husband, “The Gooch”, in her yoga class, having returned from playing baseball in Japan. Although she is still attracted to him, she is shocked to .. show full overview
Homeless Hal
Episode overview
28, 2006
Hope and Faith are shocked to find “Handsome Hal” working as a clerk at the local convenience store. It seems that Hal has fallen on hard times, having been busted for running a scam at .. show full overview
Meet the Parent
Episode overview
04, 2006
The Gooch is nervous about meeting Faith’s dad, Jack, who is visiting for Hope and Charley’s 20th anniversary party. After a rocky start, Jack and the Gooch begin to bond, so Faith is .. show full overview
Charley Shoots Faith
Episode overview
11, 2006
When Faith finally gets her agent on the phone, he tells her to have new head shots taken. Charley offers to take them, and the agent loves them. He loves the photography, that is.
The Big Shanowski
Episode overview
18, 2006
Charley finds a skill of Faith's he can admire: She's a good bowler. So he asks her to be his partner in an upcoming tournament. Then he must figure out a nice way to dump his usual partner, the athletically challenged Hope.
The Restaurant
Episode overview
18, 2006
When the sisters’ half-brother, Jay, hires Hope as the new sous-chef at his restaurant, Faith is jealous of their growing bond. Dr. Lombard, Faith’s therapist, says that if she wants to .. show full overview
Jay Date
Episode overview
25, 2006
When the family finds Jay depressed on his birthday over his last break-up, both Hope and Faith jump at the chance to fix him up with a new girlfriend. Hope beats Faith to the punch, .. show full overview
Old Faithful
Episode overview
25, 2006
Faith complains to Dr. Lombard (Susan Sullivan) that Sydney thinks she’s totally uncool and that Hope and Charley make her feel middle-aged. So when her therapist advises that one .. show full overview
Faith Knows Squat
Episode overview
02, 2006
After a loud, late-night dancing session by Faith and “The Gooch” pushes Hope and Charley over the edge, they suggest that the couple find their own home. Unfortunately Charley and Hope .. show full overview
Hope's Float
Episode overview
02, 2006
Hope reminisces with her family about the first fight she and Charley had during their courtship back in 1985 when they were both in college. Flashbacks to that fateful night reveal that .. show full overview