• : 2016
  • : 6
  • : 1
  • YouTube
  • 9
  • Comedy Drama Mini-series Romance



Episode 1
Episode overview
18, 2016
In this episode, Violet, a waitress in Los Angeles, is approached by a reporter named Allie for a story about transgender women. Paige, an attorney for Lambda Legal, works on a case .. show full overview
Episode 2
Episode overview
18, 2016
Allie and Violet's interview lunch takes a flirtatious turn, and Allie learns that her friend Lisa holds some views that surprise her. A handsome stranger catches Paige's eye.
Episode 3
Episode overview
18, 2016
Paige goes out to dinner with James, and it goes it differently than her typical dates, while Allie and Violet find they have more in common than they realized.
Episode 4
Episode overview
18, 2016
Violet and Allie are getting closer than ever when they experience a menacing interruption. Lisa tries to debate Paige about the case she's working on. Paige begins to open up to James.
Episode 5
Episode overview
18, 2016
A musician friend of Violet's gives a wild concert that ends with Allie fearing for Vi's safety.
Episode 6
Episode overview
18, 2016
After making a shocking discovery in the morning paper, Paige confronts the person who has wronged her. Paige and Violet must face whether recent events will ruin their burgeoning relationships.