Harry Wild

  • : 2022
  • : 22
  • : 67
  • Acorn TV
  • 3
  • Drama Mystery Thriller



Killing Me Softly With His Bad Pop Song
Episode overview
13, 2024
After Jamie D, lead singer of Hot Boy 4, plummets to his death, Harry's granddaughter Lola feels certain it was murder and not suicide. She convinces Harry and Fergus to investigate for the sake of Jamie's pregnant widow, the fans, and the music.
Too Many Harrys Spoil the Murder
Episode overview
13, 2024
When a renowned chef's girlfriend is brutally murdered, Harry and Fergus have to contend with a rival private detective, a gangster's henchman, and an utterly baffling mystery. Meanwhile, Paula makes a life-changing announcement.
Lights, Camera, Murder
Episode overview
20, 2024
When the director of a daytime Irish soap opera has his throat cut in the middle of a scene, Harry and Fergus are tasked with finding the culprit as soon as possible so filming can .. show full overview
The Man Who Murdered Himself
Episode overview
27, 2024
A fellow P.I., Harry Benedict, inveigles his way into Harry’s life by sending her a particularly perplexing case. As Harry and Fergus attempt to work out how it’s possible for a mystery .. show full overview
03, 2024
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10, 2024
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