Harry (2013)

  • : 2013
  • : 6
  • : 18
  • TV3 (NZ) Three
  • 21
  • Crime Drama



This is Personal
Episode overview
08, 2013
Sam Neill and Oscar Kightley star in this six-part series set amongst users and dealers of ‘P’. The premiere sees Harry return to work to investigate a murder case after a ‘P’ user murders two civilians.
He's Very Important, This Boy
Episode overview
15, 2013
Harry continues with an arrest of the street dealers who supplied Lua with 'P'
He's the Weak Link
Episode overview
22, 2013
The investigation at the centre of Harry continues when the 'P' cook is caught while preparing for a 'big bake'
Play with Fire
Episode overview
29, 2013
The investigation at the centre of Harry continues with the distributors who supplied the cook the Contact NT leading the police to the importers.
You Lied To Me
Episode overview
05, 2013
The investigation continues while the importers operation is covertly surveilled in Auckland and Samoa.
God Bless Brutus
Episode overview
12, 2013
Everything comes together as the new cook processes the drugs and the police close in. Gray continues his pursuit of Harry. Mele skips school and fails to return home.