• : 2016
  • : 30
  • : 156
  • VRV
  • 13
  • Adventure Animation Comedy Fantasy



Goblopolis Lost
Episode overview
18, 2019
After a trying time in the material plane, after the demonic convergence, our heroes have been trying to find their way, saving who they can and smiting all the evil they encounter. With .. show full overview
The Shattered Myriad
Episode overview
25, 2019
With Limerick in tow our heroes venture towards their Barbarian home, but pass through a magical catastrophe on pause, where they meet a strange Druid and discover the secrets of this .. show full overview
Ivory Quay
Episode overview
01, 2019
Our heroes arrive at the Barbarian Village, but all is not right, as an old friend reveals. The gang finds the village under the thrall of demons, sorcery, and strange gemstones, and as .. show full overview
Goblopolis Found
Episode overview
08, 2019
After using the Beast of Beginning, our heroes find themselves in the past, in a world untouched by the demonic convergence. But all is not right, as they learn they’ve arrived right at .. show full overview
Terra Scissus
Episode overview
15, 2019
Forced underground by the Puppet King’s assault, our heroes are trapped with an army of hungry goblins. With the help of a sassy new ally, the gang adventures through flooded .. show full overview
Shatternine Village
Episode overview
22, 2019
On their journey back to Ivory to seek the beast of Beginning, our heroes rest in Shatternine Village, where another adventuring party has been set to work helping the town uncover the .. show full overview
The Bloody Teeth
Episode overview
29, 2019
Our heroes return to Ivory Quay, but the bone tree barbarian’s ancestral home has been warped, corrupted beyond recognition. The gang fights their way to the Beast of Beginning, .. show full overview
Ad Quod Damnum
Episode overview
06, 2019
After being captured by the Gray Wraith, our heroes find themselves in an otherworldly plane of Imperium Judgments! There they face trial at the hands of a stern prosecutor, an .. show full overview
The Starshade Expanse
Episode overview
13, 2019
After escaping Ad Quod Damnum, the plane of Imperium Judgements, our heroes are lost in the astral plane, unable to find the Beast of Beginning, but find a helping hand in the form of an .. show full overview
The Virtuous Harmony
Episode overview
20, 2019
Our heroes crash land in the virtuous harmony, where an angelic guardian helps them find the Beast of the beginning, and the gang fights an old foe over the fate of the multiverse.