Grand Designs: The Street

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  • : 2019
  • : 6
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Terry & Olwen and Lynn
04, 2019
The most senior builders on the street set out to create two unique, bespoke homes. During the construction process, these old friends face serious challenges as their relationship is severely tested.
Jack & Hannah and James & Shannon
11, 2019
Two young couples make their own homes, getting on the property ladder at last. While one pair scavenge for building materials, the construction effort pushes the other pair close to breaking point.
Paul & Blanka
18, 2019
Paul and Blanka hope to build an ambitious and cheap eco-home. But the project costs the family more than they bargained for - not just financially.
Chris & Roxie and Peter & Anita
25, 2019
A pair of 20somethings take a risk building their first home together using an untested method. And a father and son hope to bond building a family home with space for all.
Sean & Dianna and Garrie & Sue
02, 2019
A couple of engineers plan an upside-down house. Garrie is building the largest project on the street. The stakes are high though as his wife Sue has health issues.
Pauline & Godfrey
09, 2019
Kevin McCloud follows the last of the self-build projects, as married couple Pauline and Godfrey seek to downsize to a modular, factory-built home that is erected in just two weeks.