Godfather of Harlem

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The French Connection
Episode overview
18, 2021
After three months in hiding from Chin Gigante and the Italians, Bumpy Johnson takes action to lift the sanctions off his head. By forging new alliances with European suppliers, Bumpy aims to reunite with his family safely back in Harlem.
Sting Like A Bee
Episode overview
25, 2021
Bumpy Johnson wants to use his new French supplier to distribute to the “Harlems” of other major American cities. Malcolm X uses Cassius Clay to leverage himself back into favor with the Nation of Islam before Clay’s famous fight versus Sonny Liston.
The Fruit Stand Riot
Episode overview
02, 2021
When innocent black teenagers and bystanders are savagely beaten and arrested by police, the Harlem community rallies to free them. Adam Clayton Powell and Mayme Johnson use peaceful protest, but Bumpy Johnson and Malcolm X prefer street justice.
The Geechee
Episode overview
09, 2021
This episode has no summary.
16, 2021
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23, 2021
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