• : 1991
  • : 7
  • : 1
  • Channel 4
  • 21
  • Comedy Drama



It Couldn't Happen Here
Episode overview
06, 1991
Firebrand Labour leader Michael Murray is swept into office on a tide of rhetoric. His first act is to "reform education", but it looks suspiciously like a personal vendetta against Mr. .. show full overview
Only Here on a Message
Episode overview
13, 1991
Michael Murray is beginning to realise that his new-found political "friends" are not being entirely above-board with him. Jim Nelson, meanwhile, gains some respite from Murray's .. show full overview
Send a Message to Michael
Episode overview
20, 1991
Sloane and Barnes announce matter-of-factly that explosive racial violence shall be provoked in the city. When Murray denounces them and begins to storm out of the room, Barnes asks if .. show full overview
Message Sent
Episode overview
27, 1991
Michael Murray has reached panic level, and sends the researcher, Philip, on a mission to find three people: his missing brother Franky (along with the council car), his mother, and .. show full overview
Message Received
Episode overview
04, 1991
The Nelsons finally arrive in North Wales, thinking they have escaped their tormentors. Trouble is pursuing them, however, and mein Host at the holiday camp isn't without his problematic side, either.
Message Understood
Episode overview
11, 1991
It starts to dawn on Michael and Jim that they are pawns in a much bigger game. Barbara questions who her real allies are.
Over and Out
Episode overview
18, 1991
Friday is the day designated for the showdown. Michael has had the local Labour Party meeting called to have Jim Nelson removed from membership; Lou Barnes has decreed this same day for Michael Murray's destruction.