Emergency Call

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  • : 2018
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Episode 1
Episode overview
08, 2018
Across a 12-hour shift, we follow the unsung heroes - the call takers, who are the first point of call in an emergency and can often make the difference between life and death.
Episode 2
Episode overview
15, 2018
Young call taker Antionette starts her shift at ESTA 000's ambulance call centre with a desperate call from a woman whose husband has just collapsed in the front yard and is now unconscious.
Episode 3
Episode overview
22, 2018
Call taker Luke starts his shift at ESTA 000's ambulance call centre with a call from a frantic mother, who has tripped and dropped her young baby.
Episode 4
Episode overview
21, 2018
Police call centre operater Joel starts his shift in Melbourne with a panicked caller reporting two girls being attacked in a public park by eight males.
Episode 5
Episode overview
28, 2018
Louise starts her night shift at Brisbane Ambulance's operations centre with a caller reporting that a man has appeared at his doorstep, having been stabbed in the chest by a samurai sword.
Episode 6
Episode overview
03, 2018
Dispatcher Sharon gets a call from a distressed daughter to say that her mother has gone missing after threatening to never come back. Alarm bells were raised when she failed to pick up her toddler.