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Unbreak My Heart
Episode overview
30, 2022
The Drama Queens are all together for the premiere episode of Season 3 and loving Brooke's apartment... and her bangs!! They are breaking down all the Dan drama. Is Dan the iceberg? .. show full overview
Our Favorite Things
Episode overview
06, 2022
Are you a Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, or Charlotte?! This is still OTH...don't worry...but, is Brooke all of them?! The more Haley finds herself and her confidence, the more Nathan .. show full overview
Haley’s Journey
Episode overview
13, 2022
This episode has no summary.
I'm Batman
Episode overview
20, 2022
Who wouldn't want to be rescued by a Superhero?! Joy admits it was pretty cool. This episode brings new meaning to "it's getting hot in here". Joy and Hilarie share their .. show full overview
Having a Brawl
Episode overview
27, 2022
There was an actual brawl in this episode! As the Queens discuss, they reminisce about some of their own scrappy moments. Either you love him or you hate him...now, does that make .. show full overview
One Tree Thrill (Part 7)
Episode overview
30, 2022
Why was there never a Christmas episode on OTH?? Ever wonder how those music scenes at Tric worked?? Did the band actually play or is it silent and they mouth the words?
Passing Notes w/ Danneel Ackles (Rachel Gatina)
Episode overview
11, 2022
Danneel Ackles aka Rachel Gatina is back! WE're getting all the BTS on Rachel and Danneel...Rachel was never supposed to stay in Tree Hill and Danneel was a pageant girl! Which of .. show full overview
Praying for Rain
Episode overview
18, 2022
Paul Johansson directed this OTH episode and we're dishing the details. Deb & Karen turn into vandals, Peyton gets a break from the weepies, and Haley is making us all .. show full overview
Say the Thing!!
Episode overview
25, 2022
The Drama Queens are back together!!!! Joy and Hilarie catch Sophia up on the drama she missed while she was on her honeymoon... Brooke had a drunken disaster and it involved Chris .. show full overview
One Tree Thrill (Part 8)
Episode overview
29, 2022
We are back answering YOUR questions! Which personality trait from Brooke, Haley, and Peyton do the Drama Queens wish they had? What is something every woman in their 20s should do .. show full overview
Clothes Over Bros
Episode overview
01, 2022
It's the birth of Clothes Over Bros. Haley, Brooke, and Peyton got... arrested?! Yep, that happened. Plus, the Drama Queens dissect the massive falling out between Brooke and Lucas. Oh, and who tried to kill Dan in that fire?