Doctor Who

  • : 1963
  • : 706
  • : 1538
  • BBC One
  • 17
  • Action Adventure Drama Family Science-fiction



Battlefield (1)
Episode overview
06, 1989
As UNIT are transporting a nuclear warhead around Carbury, knights in armour arrive to continue waging a war that began thousands of years ago, but in a wholly different dimension.
Battlefield (2)
Episode overview
13, 1989
The Doctor and Ace discover a stone spaceship underneath Warmsley's archaeological dig while Mordred summons Morgaine to Earth's dimension.
Battlefield (3)
Episode overview
20, 1989
The Brigadier rescues the Doctor from the stone spaceship before they set out to locate Morgaine before she gains Excalibur.
Battlefield (4)
Episode overview
27, 1989
Morgaine forces Ace and Shou Yuing to hand over Excalibur by threatening to release the Destroyer, so the Doctor and the Brigadier enter a dimensional portal to stop her.
Ghost Light (1)
Episode overview
04, 1989
The Doctor and Ace explore Victorian house Gabriel Chase and realise it hides just as many dark secrets in its drawing room as it does in its dark cellar.
Ghost Light (2)
Episode overview
11, 1989
The Doctor manages to rescue Ace from the husks and then tries to uncover the truth about the goings on in Josiah's house.
Ghost Light (3)
Episode overview
18, 1989
Only Redvers, still searching for the elusive Saxe-Coburg, seems able to withstand Light and communicate with Control. Ace realises her past actions need to be dealt with.
The Curse of Fenric (1)
Episode overview
25, 1989
England, the 1940s. The TARDIS brings the Doctor and Ace to a secret naval base during WWII. There, the time-travellers battle vampiric Haemovores and an ancient Viking curse!
The Curse of Fenric (2)
Episode overview
01, 1989
The Doctor and Ace manage to convince Sorin to release them while Millington and Judson attempt to translate the Viking runes.
The Curse of Fenric (3)
Episode overview
08, 1989
The Doctor and his friends come under attack from the Haemavores, allowing Millington to retrieve the flask containing Fenric's essence.
The Curse of Fenric (4)
Episode overview
15, 1989
Fenric is loose and planning to use the Ancient Haemovore to poison the Earth with chemicals, unless the Doctor can defeat him in their centuries old game.
Survival (1)
Episode overview
22, 1989
Perivale, England, the late 1980s. People are vanishing into thin air under the baleful stare of a very strange cat. The Doctor and Ace learn that, in the battle for survival, success can carry a terrible price...
Survival (2)
Episode overview
29, 1989
The Doctor and Paterson manage to escape from the Master and join up with Ace and her friends, where the Doctor tries to find a way to get them all off the planet before it explodes.
Survival (3)
Episode overview
06, 1989
Ace manages to transport the Doctor and the others back to Perivale but the Master is also there, preparing for a final showdown with the Doctor.
Doctor Who: The Movie
Episode overview
12, 1996
San Francisco, 1999. Returning home to Gallifrey with the remains of the Master, the TARDIS is forced off course, landing the Doctor in the middle of a street gang's gun fight in San .. show full overview