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Before I got my eye put out
Episode overview
08, 2021
Emily’s insular poetic world is rocked when Sue introduces her to Sam Bowles, a newspaper editor with a strong interest in publishing women.
Fame is a fickle food
Episode overview
08, 2021
Her participation in an Amherst baking contest gives Emily a taste of fame and celebrity, but she questions the benefits.
The only Ghost I ever saw
Episode overview
08, 2021
Torn about whether to allow Sam to publish her work, Emily hosts a séance in search of guidance.
The Daisy follows soft the Sun
Episode overview
15, 2021
After some time without news from Sam, Emily begins to suffer from writer’s block. To rediscover her inspiration, she ventures into the landscape.
Forbidden Fruit a flavor has
Episode overview
22, 2021
When she learns that Sam plans to publish her poem, Emily embraces being his latest discovery while attending one of Sue’s salons.
Split the lark
Episode overview
29, 2021
Things don't go as planned when Emily tries to express her gratitude to Sam during a night at the opera.
Forever - is composed of Nows
Episode overview
05, 2021
Thinking she’s blown her shot at publication, Emily spirals into depression. Her mother attempts to help her with a trip to the water cure.
I'm Nobody! Who are you?
Episode overview
12, 2021
When her poem is finally published in Sam's newspaper, Emily is shocked to discover that she has become invisible to the world.
I Like a Look of Agony
Episode overview
19, 2021
To distract himself from the pain of life, Austin throws a tea party for his old college friends—but the day is disrupted by a major political event.
You cannot put a Fire out
Episode overview
26, 2021
While the whole town attends the christening of Jane’s baby, Emily fights to get her poems back from Sam