Degrassi: Next Class

  • 10.0
  • : 2016
  • : 40
  • : 192



Episode overview
03, 2017
Jonah hides a secret from Frankie. Yael feels self-conscious about her body. Maya's return to school draws Zig's attention -- and Esme's jealousy.
Episode overview
04, 2017
Frankie's attempt at posting happier photos on her social media feed backfires. Shay grows desperate for a competitive edge in her athletic training.
Episode overview
05, 2017
A shocking photo hurts Goldi and Winston's friendship. Miles is thrilled by an invitation to a writing program, until he learns it's a diversity spot.
Episode overview
06, 2017
Grace decides to write up a bucket list. Maya rediscovers the fun of music. A terrorist attack overseas puts Goldi in a scary situation close to home.
Episode overview
07, 2017
Saad is misunderstood when he questions a show of support for the Brussels terrorist attack victims. A rumor circulates about Frankie, Esme and Zig.
Episode overview
10, 2017
Esme and Frankie distract Zig after he gets bad news. A talent show performance earns Maya an offer. Yael seeks Lola's help with an image makeover.
Episode overview
11, 2017
During a camping trip, Maya suffers from songwriter's block, Frankie learns the real reason Esme befriended her, and Tiny and Shay get closer.
Episode overview
12, 2017
Saad confides in Lola, who helps him out of a troubling situation. Shay awaits a "promposal" from Tiny. Tristan pushes himself too hard in rehab.
Episode overview
13, 2017
A scare delays the prom and brings the police. Esme shows up at the dance and makes a scene. Miles talks with his father about his near-future plans.
Episode overview
14, 2017
Zoë invites her estranged mother to her graduation. Esme makes a last-ditch effort to win back Zig. The truth about the bomb threat comes out.