• : 2012
  • : 6
  • : 48
  • BBC Three
  • 22
  • Comedy



Episode 1
Episode overview
14, 2012
Helen Stephens is sent to prison for murdering her boss, managing director of Entirely Tiles. While she struggles to come to terms with her situation, those around her want to keep her .. show full overview
Episode 2
Episode overview
14, 2012
Helen has decided to put together a team for the prison quiz and her eye is on an unexpectedly special prize. Meanwhile her lawyer Tony has been warned off her case and events at the Entirely Tiles head office gather pace.
Episode 3
Episode overview
21, 2012
Christine has been sent to Germany on a prison exchange. Helen is instructed by prison governor Margaret to look after their German guest Gertrude Verna. Gertie is in prison for .. show full overview
Episode 4
Episode overview
28, 2012
Frustrated with the lack of progress with her appeal, Helen takes matters into her own hands and decides to study the law. Top Dog has fired her posse who, lost without a leader, make .. show full overview
Episode 5
Episode overview
05, 2012
There is great excitement at Broadmarsh Prison as governor Margaret announces the annual prison choir competition. Helen is persuaded to audition and is certain to be made the lead .. show full overview
Episode 6
Episode overview
12, 2012
Helen is moved to D Wing where she is befriended by white collar criminal Jo. She soon receives an unwanted visit from widow Mrs Bridges, who has something interesting she wants to show .. show full overview