Call Me Fitz

  • : 2010
  • : 48
  • : 64
  • HBO Canada
  • 21
  • Comedy



Alice Doesn't Live, Anymore
Episode overview
07, 2013
Failing as a father, Fitz tries to unload his baby on someone. Unfortunately, it’s only after he realizes that his still unnamed child is a car sales cash cow that he manages to .. show full overview
Baby's First Brothel
Episode overview
14, 2013
When Fitz's attempts to transform Fitzpatrick Motors into a family-friendly establishment fail, he realizes he is dealing with a customer he knows nothing about – mothers. Fitz ends up .. show full overview
Raising What's-His-Name
Episode overview
21, 2013
The Fitzpatrick family becomes interested in missing Baby Fitz when Josh stashed the profits from the baby brothel in his diaper. Fitz and Larry follow Baby Fitz’s trail to Chester .. show full overview
Pulling a Polanski
Episode overview
28, 2013
When Ken refuses to accept the return of the money Pat Childs found in Baby Fitz's diaper, Larry becomes convinced that loneliness is at the root of his very strange behaviour. Fitz .. show full overview
It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses a Fitz
Episode overview
04, 2013
It’s a rainy night at the Fitzpatrick house, and Larry takes the opportunity to use large amounts of alcohol to con the family into playing his favourite game: ‘Truth: the board game’. .. show full overview
Episode overview
11, 2013
Wedding bells are ringing at casa Fitzpatrick as Ken and Elaine get set to re-tie the knot, and everyone is getting into the act. Everyone except for Fitz, who is convinced the wedding .. show full overview
The Hard Wiener of Truth
Episode overview
18, 2013
Still reeling from the shocking truth about his father, Fitz takes a drive down memory lane that leaves him with an even bigger identity crisis than he started with. Now that Fitzpatrick .. show full overview
Brotherly Love
Episode overview
25, 2013
After accepting Pat Childs’ offer to work at The O-Mobile dealership, Fitz quickly learns that life in the corporate world is not the cakewalk he hoped it would be. Thanks to Larry, Fitz .. show full overview
A Very Special Fitzmas (1)
Episode overview
02, 2013
Twas the night before the night before Fitzmas but the only visions dancing in Fitz’ head are of his face plastered on O-mo billboards around town. As part of his new O-mo image, Fitz .. show full overview
A Very Special Fitzmas (2)
Episode overview
02, 2013
When Larry finds evidence of a lost family fortune, it gives him the leverage he needs to persuade the rest of the Fitzpatrick clan to save Fitz from the clutches of Pat Childs’ evil .. show full overview