Brothers (2009)

  • : 2009
  • : 13
  • : 3
  • FOX
  • Comedy



Episode overview
25, 2009
Mike Trainor seemingly has it all; he is a good-looking, wealthy and recently retired NFL player living the high life in New York City. With one phone call from his mom, Adele, Mike’s .. show full overview
House Rules/Anniversary
Episode overview
25, 2009
Mike's mother feels he has committed a personal foul when he lets his date stay over night. She decides to set up some house rules for the boys. And Coach, the man of the house is in hot water after forgetting his wedding anniversary.
Mom at the Bar/Train Buddy
Episode overview
02, 2009
When another bartender at Trainor's quits, it becomes apparent that business is suffering due to Mike and Chill's inability to get along. Adele decides to unite her sons by making .. show full overview
Snoop/Fat Kid
Episode overview
09, 2009
Mike and Chill hire their cousin Kenny, a shady lawyer who specializes in debt and fraud, to recover Mike's laundered assets. But when Kenny is only able to locate funds donated to a .. show full overview
Episode overview
11, 2009
When Adele's sister, Cynthia, and her offensive husband, Lenny, come to town, Adele pleads with Coach to be on his best behavior. Meanwhile, Mike Tyson pays a surprise visit to .. show full overview
Commercial/Coach DMV
Episode overview
18, 2009
Mike and his former rival do a post-game commentary and makes a commercial spot with Adele. Chill assists Coach in getting his driver's license renewed.
Meet Mike Trainor/Assistant Coach
Episode overview
23, 2009
When Coach's football team suffers an embarrassing losing steak, he relieves Chill of his duties as assistant coach and recruits Mike to help him devise some winning plays. Meanwhile, .. show full overview
Mike's Comeback
Episode overview
08, 2009
Mike is given a second chance to play for the NFL, and it seems like his financial woes may finally be coming to an end. But when making the team is contingent on passing a physical in .. show full overview
Week in Chair
Episode overview
22, 2009
Mike offends Chill when Mike contests that being in a wheelchair has lots of advantages. To prove Mike wrong, Chill bets Mike that he can't last one week in a chair. Mike accepts and .. show full overview
Snoop Returns
Episode overview
13, 2009
With the help of Cousin Kenny's legal aid, Coach's brother Maurice is released from jail and arrives at the Trainors' home to spend some time with the family. Despite Adele's initial .. show full overview
Episode overview
13, 2009
Adele's brother-in-law is deserted by his wife, and Coach and Adele make an attempt to get them back together; Adele finds her plans for Christmas disrupted after Mike and Chill are suddenly called into work on the holiday.
Girls Girls Girls
Episode overview
27, 2009
Adele sets Chill up on a blind date with Jenny, a social worker from her school, and Chill is surprised by how much he likes her. Meanwhile, Adele disapproves when Mike makes a play for .. show full overview
Follow the Story
Episode overview
27, 2009
A writer from a sports magazine comes to Houston for a story about Mike, and as part of her research, she spends time getting to know the Trainors. But once each family member puts in .. show full overview