Brews Brothers

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  • : 2020
  • : 8
  • : 26



The Brothers Rodman
10, 2020
Brewery owner Wilhelm Rodman gets a visit from his polar-opposite brother, Adam, but the unpleasant reunion is cut short by a bigger crisis.
Recreate the Opus
10, 2020
When Rodman's brewery must replicate a golden recipe, Wilhelm handles some free-spirited customers and Adam probes the past of his coworker Sarah.
Taste of Van Nuys
10, 2020
A tour bus inspires Sarah to take charge at the brewery, but the drive to boost sales hits a snag thanks to Adam and their coworker Chuy.
Monk Monday
10, 2020
Adam's newest beer masterpiece is too expensive to brew, but a group of visiting monks from Wilhelm's past could offer the solution he needs.
LA's Best Nose
10, 2020
Wilhelm searches for someone to represent the brewery at a beer tasting competition while Adam's first time leads to trouble for everyone.
Lazlo Suna
10, 2020
With a whopping offer, the brewery's debate between releasing their first beer in a bottle versus a can erupts into an unpleasurable situation.
10, 2020
Wilhelm serves a biker crew that endorses one of his beers with a curious sense of pride. Meanwhile, Sarah finds her artistic voice.
The Trink
10, 2020
Before the brewery gears up for a big beer festival, Wilhelm and Adam must decide between business or brotherhood.