Born Mucky: Life on the Farm

  • 0.0
  • : 2020
  • : 8
  • : 1



Episode 1
07, 2020
A potent pest threatens crops on Tom's farm. Ally tries to save his soya crop from hungry pigeons. In Shropshire, Ian has inventive plans to improve his rescue pigs' lives.
Episode 2
14, 2020
Rural crime hits Pete and Ally in Herefordshire as thieves strike right before harvest. In Cambridgeshire, Tom clashes with a worker. A huge bull poses a dilemma for farmer Ian.
Episode 3
21, 2020
Mechanical failure and a mini twister hit Ally as he tries to bale a £10,000 grass harvest. Absent staff and a huge pie order put the heat on Ian and Stef in their farm bakery.
Episode 4
28, 2020
A one-ton bull causes problems for Ian as he attempts to grow his cattle herd. Plus, a potentially disastrous barn fire keeps Tom and Joe alert as they stack the hay harvest.
Episode 5
04, 2020
Ian's fleet of ageing tractors buckle under the strain of the first harvest of the year. Ally faces spiralling costs as his new campsite venture slips months behind schedule.
Episode 6
11, 2020
Tom has a potential disaster on his hands when strong winds flatten his wheat field on the eve of harvest. Plus, Ally tries to auction some rusty farm kit.
Episode 7
18, 2020
Ian's cattle face an important day as they are tested for bovine tuberculosis. And, Ally uses Viking woodcraft skills to build a fence for his new camping side business.
Episode 8
25, 2020
Tom seeks expert help to save one of his ancient hedgerows. Meanwhile, Ian has a loose pig on his hands when one of them escapes during weigh-in.