Blade of the Immortal (2019)

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  • : 2019
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Act One - Meeting
10, 2019
The Edo period. Daughter of a martial arts dojo, Rin embarks on a journey to take revenge for her slain parents. For her bodyguard on the journey, she has chosen the immortal man Manji, .. show full overview
Act Two - Founding
10, 2019
Rin announces that she will go meet her father's friend Souri, the painter, in her journey for revenge. Souri cannot lend her a hand, but instead gives her funds. Rin, now with a full .. show full overview
Act Three - Dream Pangs
17, 2019
A prostitute approaches Manji as he waits for Rin. Though Manji sees through the prostitute's ruse, he accepts her invitation. But this woman, 'Makie Otonotachibana' seems too weak to be .. show full overview
Act Four - Rin at Odds
24, 2019
Wanting to become stronger herself, Rin received training from Manji, but is still a long way off from matching him in ability, much less the Ittou-ryu. Rin, in her melancholy, is drawn .. show full overview
Act Five – Song of the Bugs
31, 2019
After seeing Kagehisa, Rin becomes weak at the knees. Lost in thought over her circumstances, Rin and her guard Manji are approached by a Buddhist monk. The monk is 'Eiku Shizuma' of the .. show full overview
Act Six – Wing Roots
07, 2019
Rin, who has come to see the festival, meets a cheeky little kid, Renzou. At the mask shop, things get dangerous between Manji and Araya, until Araya's son Renzou shows up and the .. show full overview
Act Seven – Evil's Shadow
14, 2019
Discussions of the task of naming the instructor at the Ittou-ryu school, allotted them by the shogunate, have begun. They will make the Ittou-ryu's sword known to the world. Taito .. show full overview
Act Eight - Mugai-ryu
21, 2019
Manji and Rin involve the four known as Mugai-ryu, who hold information on Kagehisa, in order to assassinate him. Lying in wait on the road that leads out of Edo, based on information .. show full overview
Act Nine - Gathering
28, 2019
Rin was told of Kagehisa's whereabouts by Giichi, and now her and Manji are suspected of indiscriminate murder. Suspected criminals cannot pass the checkpoint. But thanks to a maid who .. show full overview
Act Ten - Animal
05, 2019
Manji wants to go after Rin, but he has no pass. That's when Souri and Magatsu appear before him. Souri tells Manji that he can acquire as many passes as Manji likes, but there's a .. show full overview
Act Eleven - Fall Frost
12, 2019
Having become traveling partners for the sake of their goals, Manji and Magatsu are assaulted by a group of bald men. Manji, groaning in pain, is approached from behind by Shira, who .. show full overview
Act Twelve - Blood of Finality
19, 2019
Having left for Kaga in pursuit of Kagehisa, a collapsed Rin is rescued by the very same Kagehisa. Then, having to cooperate with Kagehisa who is pursued by the Shingoto-ryu, Rin starts to see Kagehisa, her enemy, as a human being.
Act Thirteen - Twilight
26, 2019
The Ittou-ryu had its members slaughtered by the shogunate. Kagehisa gathers the remaining members of Ittou-ryu in secrecy, and plots revenge against the shogunate. Manji is invited to .. show full overview
Act Fourteen - Ammendments
02, 2020
This episode has no summary.
Act Fifteen - Acquisition of Guts
16, 2020
Burando succeeds in transplanting Manji's left arm onto the test body of Dewanosuke. From that starting point, more tests succeed. But Habaki puts pressure on Burando, and demands .. show full overview
Act Sixteen - Altered Limb
23, 2020
This episode has no summary.
Act Seventeen - Ceremonial Bond
30, 2020
Manji and Rin finally reunite. But the formidable foe made by Habaki in the dungeon blocks their escape. Then Doua and the presumed dead Isaku arrive as backup. The dungeon begins to .. show full overview
Act Eighteen - Banshee's Cries
06, 2020
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Episode 19
13, 2020
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Episode 20
27, 2020
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Episode 21
05, 2020
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Episode 22
12, 2020
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Episode 23
19, 2020
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Episode 24
26, 2020
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