• 8.1
  • : 2014
  • : 150
  • : 1787



Election Special (1)
Episode overview
04, 2020
Junior is excited for his first time voting but discovers he has been purged from the voter polls so he does a deep dive into why – trying to understand the systems in place for voter registration.
Election Special (2)
Episode overview
04, 2020
Dre’s colleague Stevens makes an ill-advised decision to run for Congress, so Dre enlists his family’s help and campaigns against him but gets caught up with fundraising and private interest groups.
Hero Pizza
Episode overview
21, 2020
The episode takes us to the beginning of the global pandemic for the Johnsons. As a first responder, Bow receives her family’s praise for her work, with Junior being her biggest fan. But .. show full overview
Dre At Home Order
Episode overview
28, 2020
Dre underestimates how hard of an adjustment operating during a pandemic will be for the Johnsons. Meanwhile, Junior’s attempts to bring his girlfriend closer to the family are stymied by the new realities of social distancing.
Age Against The Machine
Episode overview
04, 2020
Dre and Junior butt heads over the most effective way to protest in the age of social media. Meanwhile, Jack grows jealous as Diane starts to hang out with the older kids at school.
Our Wedding Dre
Episode overview
18, 2020
Pops and Ruby are getting re-married! And Dre's intimate wedding plans go awry when Pops' brother, Uncle Norman, shows up unexpectedly for the festivities. Meanwhile, Ruby refuses Bow's .. show full overview
Babes in Boyland
Episode overview
25, 2020
Dre and Bow find out that Diane has a secret social media account and realize that she’s not their little girl anymore. After reprimanding her but allowing Jack more flexibility, Diane .. show full overview
Compton Around the Christmas Tree
Episode overview
02, 2020
Dre realizes he’s out of touch with his roots after Junior claims he’s turned into a “valley dad,” so he takes the family to his hometown of Compton. Meanwhile, Bow tries to teach Jack .. show full overview