Best Friends Forever

  • : 2012
  • : 6
  • : 141
  • NBC
  • Comedy



Episode overview
04, 2012
After being served divorce papers, Jessica moves back to Brooklyn where she bunks in with her lifelong BFF, Lennon. For Joe, Lennon's live-in boyfriend, three is definitely a crowd.
The Butt Dial
Episode overview
11, 2012
Jessica is horrified when she realizes she accidentally butt-dialed her soon-to-be-ex-husband, so Lennon, Joe, and Rav come up with a scheme to make her feel better.
Put a Pin in it
Episode overview
18, 2012
Lennon's efforts to please Joe's judgmental mother are nearly destroyed when Jessica tries to "help".
Single and Lovin' it
Episode overview
25, 2012
Jessica dives back into the dating scene after seeing pictures of her estranged husband, Peter, on vacation with his hot new girlfriend. She hooks up with an old crush from high school .. show full overview
Hey Nonny Nonny
Episode overview
01, 2012
In an effort to generate new business, Lennon plans a ballet recital at her dance studio, but when her dance partner bails out at the last moment, Jessica and Joe team up together to be her "partner".
Fatal Blow Out
Episode overview
01, 2012
Final episode. Show was cancelled. The gang heads to a video game developers conference in Atlantic City where Joe hopes his game will be elected 'Fan Favorite'. When Jessica and Lennon .. show full overview