Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse

  • 8.3
  • : 2012
  • : 75
  • : 13



Malibu's Empirical Emporium
Episode overview
17, 2015
Grace tries to open her own business but is Malibu ready for a store dedicated solely to Science?
Red Carpet Caper
Episode overview
24, 2015
Barbie needs help throwing a fabulous red carpet event! So naturally, who else would she ask but…um…Raquelle?
Mission Impawsible
Episode overview
01, 2015
Blissa, Tawny, and Taffy venture out of the Dreamhouse into Malibu, but uh-oh! They better not let Ken and Barbie catch them!
The Telethon
Episode overview
08, 2015
Barbie hosts a star-studded telethon for Chelsea's favorite cause - pet illiteracy.
Don't Bet On It
Episode overview
15, 2015
Who will win when Barbie and her sisters challenge each other to give up their favorite thing for an entire day?
Dissin' Cousins
Episode overview
22, 2015
Ken's cousin Ben comes to town.
Alone In the Dreamhouse
Episode overview
29, 2015
Chelsea accidentally gets left behind when her sisters head out for a day at the beach.
Mooning Over You
Episode overview
26, 2015
Barbie and Ken have an adventure in space.
Sidewalk Showdown
Episode overview
30, 2015
Skipper tries to score tickets to see her favorite singer. But Barbie shows up and unintentionally steals the spotlight.
Sister's Fun Day
Episode overview
01, 2015
Sunday August 2nd is National Sister's Day! Celebrate with Barbie and her sisters with Sister's Fun Day; it only happens once a year! This year not only do Barbie's sisters need her, but .. show full overview
Send in the Clones - Part 1
Episode overview
27, 2015
With all her careers, barbie is spread too thin. So Ken builds a cloning machine and gives one special clone artificial intelligence.
Send in the Clones - Part 2
Episode overview
11, 2015
Barbie clones are causing chaos all over town! Even worse, one clone wants to take over for the real Barbie!
Send in the Clones - Part 3
Episode overview
18, 2015
Barbie and the smart clone face off in the ultimate showdown to settle who the real Barbie is once and for all!
The Fantasticest Journey
Episode overview
25, 2015
Barbie and Ken go on a fantastic journey when they find out Taffy ate a gift.