Waco: The Aftermath

  • : 2023
  • : 5
  • : 71
  • Showtime
  • 22
  • Crime Drama History Mini-series



Truths and Consequences
Episode overview
16, 2023
In the wake of the deadly siege at Waco, FBI negotiator Gary Noesner contends with finger pointing, and his own guilt. With national tensions flying high, the surviving Branch Davidians .. show full overview
A Common Enemy
Episode overview
23, 2023
Courtroom testimony grows heated as both sides argue over who shot first. Gary and Angie discover some intriguing information during a stakeout at an Aryan Nation flophouse. Vernon and .. show full overview
The Gospel According to Livingstone Fagan
Episode overview
30, 2023
Cogdell tells his team about a strange encounter, and later has a meeting with a man who might not be as crazy as he seems. Gary finds a clue that leads him to a disturbing .. show full overview
Episode overview
07, 2023
Carol infiltrates Elohim City, where there is a chilling undercurrent about an imminent war. Cogdell has multiple wins during cross examinations but is unsure whether it will be enough. .. show full overview
Episode overview
14, 2023
Gary finds himself under a ticking clock, hoping to prevent another disaster. The fate of the Branch Davidians is revealed as the trial concludes. Vernon returns to Mount Carmel, now the self-appointed prophet, David Koresh. Series finale.