America's Next Top Model

  • 6.7
  • : 2003
  • : 324
  • : 2471



The Girl Who Won't Stop Talking (Part 1)
Episode overview
28, 2007
In part one of the eighth season premiere, 32 aspiring models are flown to Los Angeles, where they are immediately thrust into model boot-camp with J. Alexander and Jay Manuel. Later, .. show full overview
The Girl Who Won't Stop Talking (Part 2)
Episode overview
28, 2007
In part two of the eighth season premiere, the final 13 girls move into their flamboyant Hollywood Hills mansion and are off to their first, and quite controversial, photo shoot with Nigel Barker, which has one model very confused.
The Girls Who Go To Prom
Episode overview
07, 2007
J. Alexander coaches the girls on how to work the runway and puts their skills to the test when they participate in a prom-themed fashion show. Later, the models struggle during a high .. show full overview
The Girl Who Cries All Time
Episode overview
14, 2007
It's makeover time, and chaos unfolds as one girl's makeover is changed twice and another's new look is painful. Meanwhile, a call from home leaves one girl devastated, while a nude candy-coated photo shoot leaves another model nervous.
The Girl Who Changes Her Attitude
Episode overview
21, 2007
Benny Ninja instructs the girls in a posing lesson, which leads to the models being tested in a challenge where they must duck, dive, and pose through a laser maze. Afterwards, the girls participate in a photo shoot showcasing a deathly crime scene.
The Girl Who Takes Credit
Episode overview
28, 2007
The girls are in for some tough calls when they are broken up into teams and asked to design their own group displays at a department store - all while acting as their own mannequins. .. show full overview
The Girl Who Gets Thrown in the Pool
Episode overview
04, 2007
In what promises to be the most dramatic episode of America's Next Top Model to date, Twiggy gives the girls a history lesson on how she got her nickname and asks each model to give .. show full overview
The Girl Who Impresses Pedro
Episode overview
11, 2007
The girls' acting skills are put to the test when actress Tia Mowry gives the group an acting lesson, after which they are put to the test with actor Efren Ramirez. The winning model and .. show full overview
The Girls Who Go Down Under
Episode overview
18, 2007
The girls get interviewing lessons to prepare for their trip down under in Sydney, Australia. Once there, they must use what they have learned about hosting and use it to interview the .. show full overview
The Girl Who Picks A Fight
Episode overview
25, 2007
In this special recap episode, never-before-seen footage about the journey of the five remaining contestants is revealed, including a heated argument between two girls and a staged mock elimination by all the girls.
The Girl Who Blames the Taxi Driver
Episode overview
02, 2007
The remaining five contestants are sent on a mission to impress Australian designers in their go sees. While there, one model shocks designers by requesting to keep the clothes and .. show full overview
The Girl Who Does Not Want to Dance
Episode overview
09, 2007
The girls are taught about the art of self expression and storytelling and are later put to the test when they must tell stories of their own using their new skills. Later on, the girls .. show full overview
The Girl Who Becomes 'America's Next Top Model'
Episode overview
16, 2007
The three finalists are ultimately put to the test in their final photo shoot and commercial for CoverGirl. Things do not go so well when one model struggles to look youthful in her .. show full overview