America's Next Top Model

  • 6.7
  • : 2003
  • : 324
  • : 2471



The Girl With the Secret
Episode overview
22, 2004
The semifinalists meet in LA and have a pool party to celebrate making it that far. Deciding to have a bit more fun, some of the girls trek out to a local hotspot where one semifinalist .. show full overview
The Girl Who is Co-Dependent
Episode overview
29, 2004
A rooftop photo shoot turns into a steamy vacation for the girls. Not long after, one is sent home, than another.
The Girl Everyone Thinks is a Backstabber
Episode overview
06, 2004
The girls all head to Peter Coppola studios to get their traditional season makeovers. During the hair transformations, one girl gets an extra special facial, and one sees a dentist.
The Girl Who Sets a Trap
Episode overview
13, 2004
The girls are taken to Runway 101, where J. Alexander teaches them the basics alongside America's Next Top Model herself, Yoanna House. After the lesson, J. takes the girls backstage at .. show full overview
The Girl Who Cries When She Looks in the Mirror
Episode overview
20, 2004
The girls are treated to lessons from Janice Dickinson herself in the art of posing. This will come in useful later when they have to pose in La Perla lingerie in the store's front .. show full overview
The Girl Who Mutilated the Precious Brownies
Episode overview
27, 2004
Tyra invites plus-size supermodel Kate Dillion and a nutritionist over to the loft to discuss with the girls about healthy eating and positive body image. The next morning, the girls .. show full overview
The Girl Who Forgot Her Shoes
Episode overview
03, 2004
The girls go on go-sees. One girl forgets something valuable and it may cost her more than she knows. A very big surprise awaits the girls at the photo shoot. The girls prove just how versatile they are.
The Girl Who Is Panic Stricken
Episode overview
10, 2004
The girls get fashion advice from stylist Rebecca Weinberg. Afterwards, they are taken to a shopping spot to find a fashionable outfit to wear. When the girls are finished, they are .. show full overview
The Girls Meet Taye Diggs
Episode overview
17, 2004
The remaining girls are surprised with a visit by actor Taye Diggs. That's not the only surprise -- shortly after the girl's finish their acting exercise, Tyra surprises them with a trip .. show full overview
The Girl Who Goes Ballistic
Episode overview
24, 2004
A recap of the previous episodes of the season, this episode highlights the memorable moments and never-before-seen clips. Among the moments never-before-seen include Cassie telling her .. show full overview
The Girl The Lionesses Are Hunting
Episode overview
01, 2004
As the competition quickly comes to a close, the girls are taken to a tea house to learn the ancient technique of a proper tea ceremony. One girl has more difficulty than the others.
The Girl Who Didn't Hug Goodbye
Episode overview
08, 2004
It's down to the Final Four girls and they are given a lesson in Tokyo street fashion. And for the first time on ANTM a girl is late and it might cost her more than she thinks.
The Girl Who Wins It All
Episode overview
15, 2004
On the finale for Cycle 3, the final three do a photoshoot that will be the ad for Covergirl Cosmetics if they win. Wearing sparkling tops and posing on a zenlike pond, Eva, Yaya, and .. show full overview
What the Divas Are Doing Now
Episode overview
01, 2005
we find out that ann and Eva make up and are now friends again... after their big dispute that almost copletely ruined their freindship. and Norelle becomes an asian model, which is most .. show full overview