America's Next Top Model

  • 6.7
  • : 2003
  • : 324
  • : 2471



The Notorious Fierce Fourteen
Episode overview
03, 2008
The 33 semifinalists are driven to San Fernando Valley, California, where they meet Alpha J and Beta J (Jay Manuel and Miss J.) at the fictitious “Top Model Institute of Technology”. .. show full overview
Top Model Inauguration
Episode overview
03, 2008
The fourteen finalists are driven to their homebase loft in Los Angeles, California. The contestants ask Isis King questions regarding her gender transition, drawing both empathy and .. show full overview
The Ladder of Model Success
Episode overview
10, 2008
The contestants meet posing coach Benny Ninja and contortionist Bree Robertson for a lesson on extreme posing inside fabric tubes. The following day, the posing challenge features Tarina .. show full overview
You're Beautiful, Now Change
Episode overview
17, 2008
The girls are ecstatic when Tyra announces it's time for makeovers, but of course tears are shed at the end results of the maneuver. Meanwhile, supermodel Susan Holmes stops by to guide .. show full overview
Fierce Eyes
Episode overview
24, 2008
The girls get a runway lesson at a bowling alley from J. Alexander. The next day, they participate in a runway show for Jeremy Scott. There are two twists. Firstly, they will be wearing .. show full overview
Natural Beauty
Episode overview
01, 2008
Paulina drops by to give the models a lesson on how to model unflattering clothing. Meanwhile, the photo shoot of the week requires the ladies to pose as Los Angeles natural disasters.
The Fiercee Awards
Episode overview
08, 2008
Tyra helps the ladies find their best pose and gets them ready for a photo shoot. Later, the models will lean how to express emotion while attending a fake awards ceremony. Finally, the judges remove one more model.
Top Model 11 Confidential
Episode overview
15, 2008
This is the recap episode featuring some never-before-seen footage, including Samantha being left without a bed at the start of the competition, an argument between Elina and Sheena .. show full overview
Now You See Me, Now You Don't
Episode overview
22, 2008
The girls get a lesson from the Aswirl Twins on how to properly showcase a garment. This is immediately followed by a challenge in which they must wear a green bodysuit to mask their .. show full overview
Planes, Trains and Slow Automobiles
Episode overview
29, 2008
When the girls arrive in the Netherlands they are split into pairs to find their house through a series of tasks. The girls then go to the Red Light district for yet another challenge, .. show full overview
The Final Five
Episode overview
05, 2008
The girls go on 'go-sees': this is defined as simply an appointment arranged by the model or actor/actress (or by the agency). It is an opportunity for the model or actor/actress to .. show full overview
Good Times and Windmills
Episode overview
12, 2008
Paulina teaches the models how to hold an object in their hand while modeling, such as a fish or toilet paper. Later, a group of guys are invited over for a night of fun by the girls.
America’s Next Top Model Is...
Episode overview
19, 2008
The final three received Tyra Mail informing them that their CoverGirl commercials would be the next day. When they arrived, the girls found out that the commercials would be held on a .. show full overview