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  • : 2019
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Friends & Lovers
Episode overview
18, 2019
Fish-out-of-water attorneys Amara and Titus Hughes adjust to new personal and professional challenges following their move to Atlanta, namely the ruthless Stephanie Carlisle Lancaster.
Woman To Woman
Episode overview
25, 2019
Amara puts Stephanie on notice. Atlanta's First Lady learns a shocking secret from a rival's past. Bella makes a bold play to get what she wants, and Rondell meets an intriguing ally in her fight to save her restaurant.
Welcome To Birmingham
Episode overview
02, 2019
Stephanie continues her quest to repay Amara. Rondell falls out of favor with Senior and Bella develops a new strategy.
Reap What You Sew
Episode overview
09, 2019
Stephanie and Evan join forces for their own self-interest while Titus embarks on a mission that could jeopardize his entire career.
Killing Me Softly
Episode overview
16, 2019
A newcomer to Atlanta carries out a nefarious plan; Stephanie deals from the bottom of the deck to get what she wants.
What About Your Friends
Episode overview
23, 2019
Stephanie is a force to be reckoned with at a Women's Empowerment Summit; Bella forges an alliance with Rod.
Poison and Wine
Episode overview
30, 2019
Stephanie makes an accusation and vows to get revenge; Bella navigates Rod and Evan; Amara forms an unlikely partnership that compels Titus to make questionable moves; Senior suffers a health setback; Carly takes a leap of faith with Lori.
Episode overview
06, 2019
Stephanie and Irene conspire against Rondell; Titus takes matters into his own hands.
Giving Up
Episode overview
13, 2019
Stephanie finds a way to put her enemies at bay. The highly anticipated Anniversary Celebration at Thelma's Place ends sooner than expected.
Episode overview
20, 2019
The Barnes have a big surprise for the Carlisles, forcing Stephanie and Evan to fight fire with fire; Amara receives backlash at work for her prior indiscretions.
A Change is Gonna Come
Episode overview
27, 2019
Stephanie plays the ultimate trump card with Amara; Bella takes another chance on love only to wake up to a nightmare; Rondell and Evan are blindsided.
The Thrill Is Gone
Episode overview
12, 2019
Evan and Rondell demand justice from Greg; Titus and Amara work to reconcile; Stephanie pushes back against Greg's cousin Natasha.
Since I Lost My Baby
Episode overview
19, 2019
This episode has no summary.
You Owe Me
Episode overview
26, 2019
This episode has no summary.
Blood on the Dance Floor
Episode overview
03, 2019
Stephanie issues an ultimatum; Evan betrays an ally; Amara baits a witness; Damian takes a stand.
Hit 'Em Up
Episode overview
10, 2019
Rondell and Evan join forces to save Thelma's Place; an unlikely suspect comes forth as Senior's killer; Amara is taken off guard; Stephen and Hunter release their fury; Perla gets revenge.
Through The Wire
Episode overview
17, 2019
Stephanie and Amara keep their friends close and enemies closer.
Save The Best For Last
Episode overview
17, 2019
This episode has no summary.