About a Boy

  • : 2014
  • : 33
  • : 1611
  • NBC
  • Comedy Drama Romance



About a Vasectomy
Episode overview
14, 2014
Will returns to San Francisco to sort out his finances after a surprising royalty check. Andy reveals to him that his wife Laurie might be pregnant and he needs Will's help to find out. .. show full overview
About a House For Sale
Episode overview
21, 2014
Will is told to sell his San Francisco home in order to solve his money issues. So he decides to find Marcus a brand new best friend.
About a Will-O-Ween
Episode overview
28, 2014
Despite not liking Halloween, Fiona attends Will's annual party. Will attempts to show Marcus the joys of Halloween.
About a Bad Girl
Episode overview
04, 2014
Marcus develops a crush on a girl who has a penchant for trouble.
About an Angry Ex
Episode overview
18, 2014
Will ends up being sued by an angry ex-girlfriend, Stacy, who is claiming she co-wrote his song "Runaway Sleigh." Will hopes that Fiona can help him persuade her to drop the lawsuit.
About a Balcony
Episode overview
25, 2014
Marcus is ecstatic when a popular new teacher, Mr. Chris casts him as Romeo in the school production of notable Shakespeare scenes. Marcus asks Will to build the balcony set for his .. show full overview
About a Duck
Episode overview
02, 2014
Feeling nervous about her first real date with Mr. Chris, Fiona wants Dakota to come with her as her safety net. Will ends up tagging along as well as he attempts to woo Dakota.
About a Christmas Carol
Episode overview
09, 2014
The Christmas celebrations are now in full swing but Will is not having a good time. With the lawsuit still pending, Laurie advises him to settle and move on with his life. Fiona and Andy attempt to create the perfect white Christmas for Marcus.
About a Manniversary
Episode overview
06, 2015
To celebrate a year of friendship, Marcus convinces Will to take him to the Golden Gate FemFest. Much to his chagrin, Will obliges and attempts to sneak backstage to fulfill Marcus’ .. show full overview
About a Boy Becoming a Man
Episode overview
13, 2015
When Will learns Andy scored an invite to music mogul Johnny Idalis' son's Bar Mitzah, he sees an opportunity to get his music noticed and forces Andy to make him his plus one. With a .. show full overview
About a Hook
Episode overview
27, 2015
With the help of Andy, Will gets music mogul Johnny Idalis to listen to a new song he wrote, however Johnny isn't impressed with the hook. Meanwhile, Marcus grows upset and frustrated .. show full overview
About a Prostitute
Episode overview
03, 2015
Will starts teaching guitar lessons, but ends up having a fling with a student's mother.
About a Cat Party
Episode overview
10, 2015
With high hopes of meeting single women, Will and TJ go out to their favorite watering hole on Valentine’s Day. With help from the bartender, Liz, Will lands a date and oddly finds .. show full overview
About a Boyfriend
Episode overview
17, 2015
To Will (David Walton) and Fiona’s (Minnie Driver) surprise, Shea (guest star Izabela Vidovic) accepts Marcus’ (Benjamin Stockham) proposal to be his girlfriend. However, Shea’s idea of .. show full overview
About a Trunk
Episode overview
20, 2015
Just as Fiona is ready to deepen her relationship with Chris by telling him that she loves him, Will uncovers a secret about Chris that may change everything. At first he believes Chris .. show full overview
About a Memory Hole
Episode overview
20, 2015
Will is riding the emotional high of his budding romance with Liz the bartender. His high however runs in direct contrast to Fiona's emotional low after her breakup with Mr. Chris. Out .. show full overview
About a Babymoon
Episode overview
20, 2015
When a fight leads Andy and Laurie to separate vacations, Will struggles to handle an out of control Andy in Las Vegas while Fiona works to patch Laurie and Andy's marriage. Meanwhile, .. show full overview
About Another Boy
Episode overview
20, 2015
Even with things heating up in his relationship with Liz, Will's not ready to start throwing around the word "girlfriend." Meanwhile, Fiona and Marcus are determined to patch things up between Andy and Laurie, whether they want their help or not.
About a Self Defense
Episode overview
20, 2015
Much to Will's dismay, Fiona and Liz begin to bond until she starts to notice how unconventional Will's relationship is with Fiona and Marcus. Elsewhere Marcus tries to take Shea out on .. show full overview
About a Love in the Air
Episode overview
20, 2015
Marcus is reeling after his breakup with Shea, and Will and Fiona have opposing theories and methods of how to help him get over his first great heartbreak. It all comes to a head at the .. show full overview