A Discovery of Witches

  • 7.0
  • : 2018
  • : 18
  • : 1205



Episode 1
Episode overview
08, 2021
Reluctant witch Diana Bishop and vampire Matthew Clairmont seek refuge in the fascinating and treacherous world of Elizabethan London. There, they must find a powerful witch to help Diana control her magic and search for the elusive Book of Life.
Episode 2
Episode overview
15, 2021
As she continues her search for a mentor, Diana meets wealthy alchemist Mary Sidney. London's vampire ruler demands fealty.
Episode 3
Episode overview
22, 2021
In the present, Domenico makes a disturbing discovery in Oxford. Back in 1590, Matthew must beg for forgiveness from Father Hubbard.
Episode 4
Episode overview
29, 2021
Another vicious vampire murder rocks present-day Oxford. Marcus makes a breakthrough.
Episode 5
Episode overview
05, 2021
Matthew and Diana arrive in France on their journey to face Philippe. Elsewhere, Louisa and Kit cut a swathe through London.
Episode 6
Episode overview
12, 2021
Philippe makes a troubling discovery, provoking a conflict with Matthew. Ysabeau, Em and Sarah start to look for a message.
Episode 7
Episode overview
19, 2021
Matthew and Diana go to Bohemia to search for Edward Kelley and the Book of Life. There, they encounter the strange Emperor Rudolf II.
Episode 8
Episode overview
26, 2021
In 1590, Diana is transfixed as she tries to work out what the Book is telling her. Matthew worries over the Book's power.
Episode 9
Episode overview
05, 2021
As Diana and Matthew return to London, Diana learns news that could change everything. The Queen holds Matthew to account.
Episode 10
Episode overview
12, 2021
The second series reaches a dramatic conclusion. Realising that she must return to the present, Diana aims to complete her training.