• 7.4
  • : 2008
  • : 114
  • : 4238



Til Death Do Us Part
Episode overview
08, 2012
In the season five premiere, Naomi and Max make some big plans that go horribly awry when they both get arrested and land in jail. Liam is forced to put The Offshore up for sale in .. show full overview
The Sea Change
Episode overview
15, 2012
Naomi and Max’s honeymoon plans are put on hold after Alec informs Max that his whirlwind wedding has caused a public relations problem and lowered their tech company’s stock price. .. show full overview
It's All Fun and Games
Episode overview
22, 2012
Silver has yet to schedule her insemination appointment, and worries that she’ll no longer be attractive after undergoing the preventive surgeries. Adrianna encourages Silver to treat .. show full overview
Into the Wild
Episode overview
05, 2012
Naomi plans a romantic getaway with Max, intending to disclose that Alec kissed her, but when Max persuades Naomi to perform a trust-building exercise, she freaks out when she’s unable .. show full overview
Hate 2 Love
Episode overview
12, 2012
As Dixon continues to recuperate, Adrianna confides in Annie that she and Dixon are having intimacy issues. Annie grows closer to Colin, but Riley suspects that Colin isn’t who he .. show full overview
The Con
Episode overview
19, 2012
Liam and Lindsey keep their relationship under wraps, but when Navid’s jealous streak gets the best of him, he arranges for Liam and Lindsey’s sex tape to be shown in place of Liam’s .. show full overview
99 Problems
Episode overview
26, 2012
When Adrianna opens at the Hollywood Bowl for a headlining artist, Dixon decides to buy her a celebration gift. Suspecting he might propose, Silver convinces Ade to come clean about her .. show full overview
Episode overview
03, 2012
Naomi hosts an elaborate charity lingerie show at the Playboy Mansion in an attempt to gain membership status with the elite ladies West Beverly alumni group. Silver surprises her West .. show full overview
The Things We Do for Love
Episode overview
10, 2012
When Alex approaches Max about forming a new company with him, Naomi intervenes by attempting to persuade Bryce to rehire Max at his company. Naomi convinces Navid to take Bryce out for .. show full overview
Misery Loves Company
Episode overview
21, 2013
Annie and Vanessa search for Liam after discovering that Ashley was falsely posing as his studio-hired bodyguard. Needing a break, Naomi goes on a road trip with Adrianna, only to have .. show full overview
We're Not Not In Kansas Anymore
Episode overview
28, 2013
Annie experiences an alternate reality about what life would have been like if she had stayed in Kansas, including being engaged to her high school boyfriend. In the alternate world, .. show full overview
Here Comes Honey Bye Bye
Episode overview
04, 2013
Naomi and Max see a marriage counselor to decide if they are going to stay married, while Teddy tells Silver he won’t ruin her chance to have a baby if she agrees to his terms. Navid .. show full overview
Episode overview
11, 2013
Naomi and Max co-host a charity football game which re-kindles old feelings, while Navid pushes Liam to continue underground fighting. Adrianna purposely sabotages a performance so Dixon .. show full overview
Brother from Another Mother
Episode overview
18, 2013
Liam experiences some symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder while preparing to testify against Ashley, while Annie is furious when Naomi tracks down their half-brother Mark, a chef .. show full overview
Strange Brew
Episode overview
25, 2013
Naomi decides to open a restaurant with her half-brother Mark, while Dixon books Michaela to perform at the restaurant opening, unbeknownst to Silver. Annie feels confused about her .. show full overview
Life's a Beach
Episode overview
04, 2013
Liam decides to open his own custom surfboard shop for women, but things get complicated when he becomes romantically involved with his first investor. Naomi tries to convince Mark to .. show full overview
Dude, Where's My Husband?
Episode overview
11, 2013
Naomi meets up-and-coming mogul Jordan Welland, who hires her to plan events for his media empire, while Annie, Adrianna and Silver plan a girls’ night out for Naomi, which ends with .. show full overview
A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Call Girl
Episode overview
15, 2013
Jordan asks Naomi to plan a launch party for the latest hot writer, known as Author X, which forces Annie to admit that she is Author X. Silver worries that Adrianna is not okay that she .. show full overview
The Empire State Strikes Back
Episode overview
22, 2013
Liam and Navid, in an effort to get teenage pro-surfer Cassie to be their first sponsored athlete, ask her favorite musician Olly Murs to do a special performance. Naomi travels to New .. show full overview
You Can't Win 'Em All
Episode overview
29, 2013
Jordan calls in a favor from his mother to help out Mark, but in exchange must end things with Naomi. Annie must deal with the betrayal Liam feels from being in her book and Michaela catches Navid and Adrianna during an intimate moment.
Scandal Royale
Episode overview
06, 2013
Jordan's sister Elizabeth gets into trouble with an out-of-control Royal, so Naomi helps out by taking the heat to protect Elizabeth's reputation. Silver is called in to see her doctor .. show full overview
We All Fall Down
Episode overview
13, 2013
In a memorable send-off, our favorite group from Beverly Hills will come together again after a traumatic event that makes them realize the importance of their relationships.