The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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  • Estreia: Out 2010
  • Episódios: 268
  • Seguidores: 894
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  • Bravo
  • Quarta-Feira às 20
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Temporada 12
The Break-in
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Mai 11, 2022
After Dorit survives a harrowing robbery at home, Kyle brings the ladies together to rally around their friend. While Sutton and Crystal finally see eye-to-eye, a very public diss leaves .. show full overview
Receipt Offender
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Mai 18, 2022
Dorit and PK try to pick up the pieces following their traumatic home invasion. While Sutton and Crystal’s new friendship continues over cake tasting, Lisa lets Kyle know someone has .. show full overview
There's Sutton about Crystal
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Mai 25, 2022
Kyle invites her friends to the desert for the launch of her new store. Sutton apologizes to Dorit for seeming unsympathetic following her traumatic home invasion. Garcelle urges the .. show full overview
The Crystal Conundrum
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jun 01, 2022
Crystal talks through her differences with the group, but the conversation takes an unexpected detour when she brings up old wounds - a stunning revelation that leaves Kyle completely confused.
In Hot Water
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jun 08, 2022
Kyle and Garcelle attempt to get to the bottom of the alleged dark comments Sutton made a year ago, but Crystal refuses to divulge what was said; Lisa suffers a devastating loss.
High Cries and Misty Demeanors
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jun 15, 2022
As the Mexico getaway continues, Dorit struggles to work through her robbery-related anxiety while Lisa sees signs of her mother flying all around her. Kyle and Garcelle are convinced .. show full overview
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jun 22, 2022
The women set sail aboard Dorit’s luxury yacht in Mexico, but Erika goes overboard with her partying and winds up three sheets to the wind. Diana admits to Kyle that her temper is still .. show full overview
It Takes a Villain
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jun 29, 2022
Crystal unpacks the outcome of the Mexico trip with Rob and Jeff, and Dorit finds comfort in her mother, who is in town for an extended visit. Meanwhile, Erika works on growing a new .. show full overview
Calamity Jayne
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jul 06, 2022
Erika lands in hot water with Garcelle over some choice words; Kyle tries to atone for some words of her own; Lisa is amused by Diana's new look; Crystal tries to help Dorit with her ongoing anxieties.
So You Say
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jul 13, 2022
Erika seeks forgiveness from Garcelle for her past indiscretions; Crystal gets involved in Sutton's love life; Kyle is left reeling by an accusation she does not agree with; Dorit finds comfort in Hanukkah traditions.
The Weight of Words
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jul 20, 2022
Dorit fangirls over Jamie Lee Curtis, who is a special guest at Kyle's charity luncheon; an eye-opening social media post throws attention on Crystal; Sutton comes to the conclusion that some friendships are not meant to be.
Beverly Hills Blackout
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jul 27, 2022
Diana apologises to Garcelle for acting out at her birthday party; Lisa has a frank conversation with Erika about her recent behaviour; Kathy's prank annoys but doesn't surprise Kyle.
Rosé Colored Glasses
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Ago 03, 2022
Garcelle takes her concerns about Erika to Dorit, then asks a question about Dorit's personal life; Erika makes a stunning revelation; Lisa invites the women to sip on rosé, but her past resentment towards Sutton uncorks itself in a big way.
Shameless Not Ruthless
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Ago 10, 2022
Dorit throws a charity dinner to benefit the homeless, but there is little goodwill between Lisa and Sutton; when Lisa's anger turns to tears, her friends rally to her side in her time of need; Crystal opens up about her health issues.
Disco Inferno
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Ago 17, 2022
As Dorit's charity dinner continues, Crystal addresses troubling rumours she's been hearing; Sutton objects to a hurtful label and drops a bombshell in return; the ladies boogie down at Lisa's disco event where Kathy puts her foot in her mouth.
Altitude Adjustment
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Ago 31, 2022
Kyle charters a private plane and flies the women to Aspen in style, but Dorit packs emotional baggage along with her snow pants; the mountain weather isn't the only thing that's cold as Garcelle and Sutton ice out Erika in a very public fashion.
The Girl with the Diamond Earrings
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Set 07, 2022
The ladies hit the slopes in Aspen where Dorit proves to be shaky on her skis; Sutton goes snowmobiling but is really revved up about Diana; Garcelle broaches a very touchy subject with Erika at dinner.
Rocky Mountain Bye
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Set 14, 2022
Kyle plans the perfect Aspen day; Diana and Garcelle pick sides, Dorit finds herself caught in the middle; Crystal and Sutton go hat shopping.
We Need to Talk About Kathy
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Set 21, 2022
Kathy skips the flight home from Aspen; Erika tells Dorit she's hurt; Crystal's Roaring 20's birthday party.
Silence Is Golden
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Set 28, 2022
Erika throws a pop-up product launch; Dorit and Crystal question old friendships; Erika and Sutton build a new connection; Kathy faces Kyle to apologize.
Not My Sister's Keeper
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Out 05, 2022
Garcelle celebrates her success with a big party and makes an even bigger purchase with some encouragement from Sutton and Crystal; Lisa's refusal to accept Kathy's apology leaves Kyle holding the bag for her sister.
Reunion, Part 1
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Out 12, 2022
A surprise visit from a special guest kicks off the chicest Beverly Hills reunion yet. Dorit revisits trauma from her home invasion. Kyle, Lisa, and Erika challenge Crystal's .. show full overview
Reunion, Part 2
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Out 19, 2022
As the reunion continues, Garcelle and Diana hit a point of no return in their already-frayed friendship. Sutton reflects on her ongoing tension with Lisa, who updates the women on her .. show full overview
Reunion, Part 3
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Out 26, 2022
The reunion concludes as Erika is tasked with answering for her questionable decisions, both legally and otherwise. Kathy finally comes face-to-face with Erika and Lisa to confront their .. show full overview

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