The Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town

  • Estreia: Jan 2010
  • Episódios: 8
  • Seguidores: 19
  • Acabou
  • CBC
  • Desconhecido
  • Comedy Horror Mystery


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Temporada 1
Death Checks In
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jan 12, 2010
The 27,000 residents of Shuckton, Ontario are awaiting word via a letter if they have been chosen to host the 2028 Summer Olympic Games. The town's chief booster is the mayor, Larry .. show full overview
Who Mailed Our Mayor?
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jan 19, 2010
Following the murder of Mayor Larry Bowman, Dusty, the coroner who was a very very close personal friend, and the police investigate. In the police's mind, everyone, including .. show full overview
The Stages of Grief
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Jan 26, 2010
The police officially charge Crim with the murder of Mayor Bowman, despite his protests that he doesn't remember anything, while Coroner Dusty can't bring himself to do an autopsy on .. show full overview
Big City Smack Down
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Fev 02, 2010
Marilyn Bowman begins her first day as Mayor, only to discover her husband was cheating on her with Heather Weather. The Prosecutor "Big City" arrives in town and proceeds to insult everyone he encounters.
The Butterfly Is To Blame
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Fev 09, 2010
Heather is released from jail due to lack of evidence. Corrinda goes to have an abortion, but learns that this pregnancy is her last egg, which causes her to reconsider. Dusty and .. show full overview
Cause of Death
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Mar 02, 2010
Corrinda is taken in for questioning concerning Heather's death, but is released after Shaye brings forth footage of Corrinda complaining about Heather during the time of the murder. .. show full overview
Serious Shocking News
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Mar 09, 2010
Dusty is caught with his pants down and Larry's corpse in his grave. Ricky awakens to find Marny missing and ventures out into the world. The trial begins closing arguements, with Big .. show full overview
1x8 Final da série
Dead Man Walking
Episode overview
Data de estreia
Mar 16, 2010
Mayor Marilyn ties to put a positive spin on the execution, saying it marks a new future for Shuckton. Crim has his last meal, and confesses to a Priest/Rabbi/Tribal Elder that he does .. show full overview

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